Terminator: Dark Fate



Tim Miller



James Cameron, David Ellison



Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Edward Cheng, Tim Miller, John J. Kelly, Bonnie Curtis, Julie Lynn


James Cameron & Charles Eglee & Josh Friedman and David Goyer & Justin Rhodes


David Goyer & Justin Rhodes and Billy Ray


Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta




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In Theaters November 1, 2019


Netflix’ RIM OF THE WORLD Trailer Releasing 5/24

Directed by: McG

Written by: Zack Stentz

Starring: Jack Gore, Miya Cech, Benjamin Flores Jr., Alessio Scalzotto and Andrew Bachelor

Summer camp at Rim of the World has barely begun when four misfit teenagers — Alex, ZhenZhen, Dariush, and Gabriel — find they’ve got bigger problems to face than learning how to canoe and climb ropes when aliens suddenly invade the planet. Alone in a campground once teeming with people, the kids are unexpectedly entrusted with a key that carries the secret to stopping the invasion. Without any adults or electronics to help guide the way,  it’s clear what they must do: band together, conquer their fears, and save the world. An epic action-adventure directed by McG (Charlie’s Angels).

Produced by McG, Mary Viola, Susan Solomon-Shapiro and Matt Smith

Executive Produced by Steven Bello, Corey Marsh, Zack Stentz and Brad Mendelsohn

Coming to Netflix 5/24

Gemini Man Trailer


Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen and Benedict Wong


Ang Lee

Gemini Man is an innovative action-thriller starring Will Smith as Henry Brogan, an elite assassin, who is suddenly targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative that seemingly can predict his every move.  The film is directed by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Ang Lee and produced by renown producers Jerry Bruckheimer, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Don Granger.  

In Theaters October 11


Dark Phoenix Final Trailer

Dark Phoenix

When she loses control, bad things happen.

20th Century Fox has released the final trailer for DARK PHOENIX. To honor the passion of X-Men superfans, some of the biggest X-Men fans around the world were selected to experience the final trailer first. Now that they have received it, we can share it with you!

The film stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters, and Jessica Chastain, and is scored by composer Hans Zimmer.

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In Theaters June 7!


The wicked new, ‘Brightburn’ Trailer

What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister?

With Brightburn, the visionary filmmaker behind Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither presents a startling, subversive take on a radical new genre: superhero horror.

Starring: Elizabeth Banks David Denman Jackson A. Dunn Matt Jones and Meredith Hagner
Directed by: David Yarovesky
Written by: Mark Gunn & Brian Gunn

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In Theaters Memorial Day Weekend


Captain Marvel Movie Review

When you hear Captain Marvel’s name, you can’t help but think of the universe that she was born into. This film is an origin story for Marvel and for a woman by the name of Carol Danvers or Vers (Larson) as she’s known. ‘Captain Marvel’ is filled with high intensity and a generous amount of energy. We meet Vers when she’s training to be one of the toughest warriors for her people, the Kree. She and the Kree are about to embark on a mission to save their empire from the shape-shifting, militant race called the Skrulls. Or so she thinks.

The tale begins in the ’90s where it seems we’re at a launching point of sorts to lay the groundwork for some of the Marvel Universe. Here we not only meet Captain Marvel and Nick Fury (Jackson) but the Supreme Intelligence, a superior being who controls the Kree’s entire empire. No one has ever seen the Supreme Intelligence’s true likeness with their own eyes. It only comes to you in a CG vision of the person you most admire. Vers is confused by the fact that, to her, the Supreme Intelligence comes as a vision of someone she doesn’t know, however, she’s about to find out she does know her. She’s known to Vers in her past as Mar-Vel and Mar-Vel will end up being an integral part of the story. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, so I’ll get back on track after asking you this. Do you think the release of this female-driven action film was planned? You couldn’t have asked for a better day than ‘International Women’s Day’ to release it, in my opinion. Anyway, there are other moments in her life that Vers doesn’t comprehend the genesis of, as well. She has powerful energy within her that gives her an advantage over any attacker. Unbeknownst to her, she’s about to use it on people she never would have thought she’d need to.

Vers ends up hunting one of the most brutal of the Skrull, Talos (Mendelsohn), for the Kree empire. This horrid criminal follows her to planet C53, earth, the planet she sees in memory flashes she doesn’t completely trust but wants to get to the bottom of. When captured temporarily by the Skrull, she sees another vision, an Air Force pilot named Carol Danvers. This woman looks just like Vers. Vers wonders, who is she, what does she know about me and does she know Mar-Vel? When she gets to earth, she falls directly through the roof of a Blockbuster Video. Fury and his partner, Agent Coulson (Gregg), grab her and learn more of who she is, why she’s here and where she’s from. It’s not long before we meet one of the most interesting and humorous characters in the film, Goose. Goose is a cat who I can’t help but feel will become a larger part of the franchise than we may have first thought. I heard a suggestion of perhaps, ‘The Cat From Outer Space.’ You’ll love this cat and if this is where they intend to take him, you’ll follow!

‘Captain Marvel’ has a lot of comedic elements to it along with action and well-done CGI. The de-aging of Coulson and Fury are perfect examples of how they can and intend to keep telling the stories of this universe. I don’t want to tell you anything more that’s key to the story, only entice you some to take a chance on it. Jackson and Larson have great chemistry together. Larson is incredible and the back story they lay out for Carol is engaging. It’s a great character and they cast perfectly for it. Don’t listen to any negative reviews about the film. Carol Danvers is engaging and she’s tough as nails, everything you’d want from a wonderful woman. See what I did there?  GIRL POWER! 
As it is, the movie is an important section of what happens in the MCU and sets up what comes directly before the climax of ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars.’ I must suggest you see it. And remember… ‘Avengers: Endgame’ here we come!

*Stay for one mid-credit scene and an after-credit scene, as well. 

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Dark Phoenix Trailer


Written and Directed by: Simon Kinberg

Produced by: Simon Kinberg, Hutch Parker, Lauren Shuler Donner, Todd Hallowell


In DARK PHOENIX, the X-MEN face their most formidable and powerful foe: one of their own, Jean Grey. During a rescue mission in space, Jean is nearly killed when she is hit by a mysterious cosmic force. Once she returns home, this force not only makes her infinitely more powerful but far more unstable. Wrestling with this entity inside her, Jean unleashes her powers in ways she can neither comprehend nor contain. With Jean spiraling out of control and hurting the ones she loves most, she begins to unravel the very fabric that holds the X-Men together. Now, with this family falling apart, they must find a way to unite — not only to save Jean’s soul but to save our very planet from aliens who wish to weaponize this force and rule the galaxy.

The film stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters, and Jessica Chastain.
DARK PHOENIX is scored by composer
 Hans Zimmer. 

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In Theaters June 7








The Walt Disney Company to Give $1.5 Million Grant to UNCF

To Help Minority Students Get To and Through College


BURBANK, CALIF. (Jan. 28, 2019)—Disney announced today that Academy Award®-nominated and SAG® winner “Black Panther” will return to the big screen to celebrate Black History Month for a one-week engagement, February 1-7, at 250 participating AMC Theatres locations. To ensure that the movie is accessible to all, tickets are free for everyone, and there will be two showings per day at each participating theater.

The Walt Disney Company will also give a $1.5 million grant to support UNCF (United Negro College Fund) in furthering its mission to help minority students access and move to and through college. For nearly 75 years, UNCF has been providing scholarships to students in need, and this grant is part of The Walt Disney Company’s longstanding commitment to diverse communities and to expand the pipeline of talent.

“‘Black Panther’ is groundbreaking for many reasons, including the rich diversity of voices behind its success,” said Robert A. Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company.  “The story also showcases the power of knowledge to change the world for the better, and the importance of ensuring everyone has access to it.  We’re proud to provide thousands of free screenings of ‘Black Panther’ in hopes it will continue to inspire audiences, and to support UNCF with a $1.5 million grant to make the dream of higher education a reality for more students.”

UNCF (United Negro College Fund) is the nation’s largest and most effective minority education organization. To serve youth, the community and the nation, UNCF supports students’ education and development through scholarships and other programs, strengthens its 37 member colleges and universities, and advocates for the importance of minority education and college readiness. 

“We know that providing aspiring young minority talent with scholarships and professional development opportunities is vital to making their dreams a reality,” said UNCF President and CEO Dr. Michael Lomax. “UNCF is grateful for The Walt Disney Company’s enduring commitment to expanding these types of opportunities, and we’re excited to continue to do so through our Walt Disney Company/UNCF Corporate Scholars Program. I recall the excitement we all had when ‘Black Panther’ was first released and it’s fantastic that Disney is bringing the record-breaking movie back to the big screen so that we can relive that excitement. Wakanda Forever!”

“Black Panther,” the global cultural phenomenon that shattered box office records and finished first at the North American box office in 2018, picked up seven Oscar® nominations, including Best Picture, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, Best Original Music Score, Best Original Song, Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing.  On Sunday, it was announced that “Black Panther” won the SAG® (Screen Actors Guild) Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture Award.

“Almost a year ago, movie-lovers were transported to Wakanda, and the guest response to ‘Black Panther’ was unlike anything our industry has seen before,” said Adam Aron, CEO and President of AMC. “AMC is excited this best-picture-nominated film is once again accessible on the big screen at AMC. We are also pleased to play a constructive role in Disney’s generous support of Black History Month.”


For free tickets to the “Black Panther” showings and a list of AMC participating theaters go to: weticketit.com/blackpanther

Glass Movie Review

M. Night Shyamalan brings his two hit films ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Split’ together after nineteen years to celebrate an almost perfect sci-fi, thriller marriage in ‘Glass.’
Within the story of ‘Glass,’ the main characters from the two previous pictures are unwillingly united for reasons they’re unaware of, however, once they see each other again, it’s agreed upon that fate has brought them together again to continue where they left off.
Samuel L. Jackson is, once again, Elijah Price or ‘Mr. Glass’ as he prefers to be called. He’s a comic book enthusiast who’s convinced that Superheroes truly exist and proves so by using his incredibly gifted brain to be a Supervillain. At the moment he’s in a mental hospital being helped by his doting mother. Mrs. Glass is played by, Charlayne Woodard, who returns after ‘Unbreakable.’ Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn, the security guard now business owner, who helps catch criminals by touching people and receiving telepathically a crime that has been committed. The business David owns is in something he knows well and that is security. His son, Joseph, who’s played by Spencer Treat Clark who played the part originally all those years ago, helps him capture a criminal post vision.

Then there’s James McAvoy. Let’s talk about James McAvoy. He joins them as Kevin Wendell Crumb and, of course, ‘The Horde’ which means we’ll also see Patricia, Dennis, The Beast, Barry, Heinrich, Jade, Ian, Mary Reynolds, Norma, Jalin, Kat, B.T., Mr. Pritchard, Hedwig etc., the personalities who live within Kevin’s brain and take over his body when they have the light that Kevin so desperately avoids. To them, holding the light is being the personality able to control the body completely and make their presence known to the outside world. Whichever one has or keeps the light has all the power. The Beast wants this power but can be controlled… for now. Casey Cooke, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, was the only person to survive The Beast and decides maybe she can help control him again. Look for her to step in at some point and give it a try.

Sarah Paulson makes her entrance as Dr. Ellie Staple. She’s convinced that these humans are delusional. She captures them and tells them they have three days to accept that reality, using their weaknesses to control the narrative. She keeps Glass heavily sedated, uses hypnotic strobe lights to control ‘The Horde’ and keeps David in a room that will fill with water and drown him if he tries anything stupid. These safeguards make it impossible for them to escape. Or do they? Kevin’s personalities, one by one, try to break the barrier. Here’s my small soapbox moment. I must say that it was wrong to see James McAvoy’s performance ignored after ‘Split.’ This time, with the way he goes in and out of characters continually, it would be a travesty if he were to be overlooked. To this film, he was an absolute godsend. Little by little, more is divulged and you grow more curious as to what the big reveal will be. You know it’s coming.

I believe that ‘Glass’ was the perfect way to advance the story. Without revealing too much, I want to make it known that I think you should avoid listening to any negative press the film might be getting and say to you, ‘Just go and see for yourself.’ Sure there will be things to question, some quite obvious, but they’re harmless issues and don’t take anything from your belief in what’s going on before you. The fascinating twists that Shyamalan once again delivers to you in this plot keeps you riveted and will leave you fulfilled. The cinematography, score, and intensity of the script are reason enough to see this but the acting by McAvoy is extraordinary. That said if you can’t enjoy a sci-fi without using it as an opportunity to search for and find every mistake that renders it incapable of being real, maybe this isn’t for you. However, if you want to see an excellent sci-fi film that thrills the hell out of you and captures what you so loved about M. Night Shyamalan in the first place, you will not be disappointed.