Imprisoned Movie Review

Though he’s quite capable at what he does, Laurence Fishburne has never been a favorite of mine. That said, I did think his performance here stood out above many of his others. As a matter of fact, it’s all of the performances in the film that you’ll walk away remembering the most.
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Queen & Slim Movie Review

“Queen & Slim” shows that the way criminal justice is approached and doled out in this country is as different as Black and White. The perceptions of crime and injustice become the realities of our lives. Based on social status, and skin tones, these differences are the fuel that power the journey that is this movie. Read more

21 Bridges Movie Review

“21 Bridges” is tightly-paced police action drama, in which a couple bad guys kill a bunch of cops — and then Black Panther comes to the rescue…  Well – actually the actor who plays Black Panther. But for a standard ‘police face off against assailants’ type of movie, this does a really good job to keep it moving. Read more