Thelma Movie Review

“Thelma” is wonderful picture of a confident and energetic geriatric. That is, older retired lady who decides that getting older does not mean she will get dumber. When she is scammed over the phone for a lot of money — her ‘Tom Cruise’ overdrive kicks in. She teams up with an old friend to trade in her needlepoint — so she can hold her adversaries at gun point…. Read more

Ezra Movie Review

“Ezra” is a beautiful story, a multigenerational drama with three males realizing they have developmental disabilities. They help one another navigate their issues, as well as their own restrictive patterns. The first two are Stan (Robert De Niro) and his son Max (Bobby Cannavale). Their problems are hardly noticeable, with Max being worse than Stan. The situation is then worse for Ezra.

The film is dark and very heavy at times but well told. Definitely one to see.

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