The Wretched Movie Review

To be perfectly frank, ‘The Wretched’ let me down more than anything. With early glimpses at the creature, you can see that the special effects department held up their end of the job. And with so much going into the attempt to scare the hell out of you, you can’t help but assume some terrific plotlines are coming from the writing/directing team of the Pierce Brothers, Drew T. Pierce, and Brett Pierce. Not so fast, thrill-seekers.
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Rootwood Movie Review

“Rootwood” appears to be a revised version of the old Creepy Classic – “The Blair Witch Project”. But this one is updated into the millennial generation, so would that make it “The Blair Witch Podcast”? Actually the two main characters begin with a podcast that explores the supernatural realm, so that is what this little independent movie is going for. But, if people remember that the original “Project” was a lot of suspense and moody atmosphere that resulted into not much of anything — then is that the best thing you can base your new project on?

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The Other Lamb Movie Review

“The Other Lamb” is an independent feature about a moody and dark place for a woman to exist. The places shown are wonderful scenes, but the people trapped inside this nightmare have no way out. It is a bit of “The Handmaid’s Tale”, taken and stirred with some real-life horrors from inside a weird cult. It is like Jim Jones or David Koresh heading up the ladies in the Amish headgear. But this movie gets deeper into a psychological horror imposed on the women in this ‘religious’ cult. And it ain’t pretty.

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The Hunt Movie Review

“The Hunt” is sure to get the ‘Radical Red State’ people and the ‘Blindly-Extreme Blue State’ folks all riled up. But for the rest of us, it will be a typical Action/Horror extravaganza. It takes the Black vs. White confrontation of “Get Out” and steers it into the Liberal vs. Conservative obstacle course. Read more