Wendy Movie Review

“Wendy” is an offbeat, yet charming little movie of childhood imaginations and not wanting to grow up. If that sounds familiar, then think of a different view of “Peter Pan”. What if that were told from perspective of Wendy? Now you are catching on! Read more

Dolittle Movie Review

“Dolittle” is a ridiculously goofy romp into family-friendly fun and frolic. It takes an established character, Dr. John Dolittle, who has been explored in many books and other movies – and gives him a new and updated spin.  The main man has been played by Rex Harrison and Eddie Murphy in the past. So now a new actor has been selected to portray the Doctor who can ‘talk to the animals, just imagine it’. Read more

Doctor Sleep Movie Review

If asked, I’d sum up this movie in one sentence. I’d say that it’s about a depraved matriarchal killer named Rose the Hat (Ferguson). She started her bloodshed over a century ago, and moves around the country with her band of misfit vampires, for lack of a better word, looking for souls to steal along the way. This story is utterly wicked as is she.
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The Lighthouse Movie Review

The opening of ‘The Lighthouse’ reels you into 1890 rather quickly and very skillfully. It was shot in 35mm, to be as beautiful as it could be, but then is taken down to the dimensions of the early sound era of filmmaking, which would be 1.19:1; more of a square. This move is intentional as it’s the size that was commonly used in the period with which the film is set. Doing this takes the audience deeper into director Robert Eggers’ (The Witch) lighthouse in a way that couldn’t have been achieved without that decision.
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Dolittle Trailer

Movie Trailer For: Dolittle
Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas, Michael Sheen, Jim Broadbent, Jessie Buckley, John Cena, Harry Collett, Marion Cotillard, Frances de la Tour, Carmen Ejogo, Ralph Fiennes, Selena Gomez, Tom Holland, Rami Malek, Kumail Nanjiani, Craig Robinson, Octavia Spencer and Emma Thompson

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