The Inspection Movie Review

I liked “The Inspection” but found it regurgitated a lot from “An Officer and a Gentleman.” There were several scenes that dealt with similar themes and others that looked and felt like a carbon copy of the Taylor Hackford film. Of course, there is one big difference, and that difference is what ultimately makes “The Inspection” worth seeing. It’s somewhat autobiographical as director Elegance Bratton relives his own experience in boot camp as a gay Black marine in the mid-2000s.

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Bones and All Movie Review

This movie will be remembered by some, possibly hanging around for a while for its a new spin on an old tale. I can’t stress enough that it’s only for some. Based on the novel by Camille DeAngelis, it isn’t a horror movie. It lies somewhere between horror and a heavy drama where it may have trouble finding an audience where the book didn’t.

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Devotion Movie Review

Devotion” is a story about a war, but it is not only about the Korean War. It is a story of a different type of war, and it is a War against personal bias and hatred. It is about a War against people of a different skin shade. There is a War going on, both in the Korean peninsula, and in people’s hearts. Korea ended with a stalemate, so what about the War against Bigotry? Read more

Bardo: False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths Movie Review

Visually, this is one of the most stunning films I’ve ever seen. Having seen many of those lately, it’s easy to blow me off when I say that, but “Bardo: False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths” is different. You could watch this movie without the sound on and still understand it. Unless you’re fluent in Spanish, you are anyway; since the subtitles fly by so quickly it’s hard to catch what they’re saying. But that’s okay. You don’t really need them. The sound design, cinematography and editing are impeccable, creating for you a world you’re still determining is real.

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She Said Movie Review

The movie is reasonably cut-and-dry, but for those who didn’t jump deep into the story when it initially hit the airwaves, hearing about what a controlling beast Harvey Weinstein was, makes it worth the watch. The screenplay by Oscar® winner Rebekah Lenkiewicz doesn’t wander from the actual events, helping to set a timeline for how Weinstein’s harassment started and how it was allowed to continue.
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The Menu Movie Review

“The Menu” is categorized as a comedy, thriller and horror. I’m not sure “Horror” is the correct way to describe it, but the other two genres are spot on. What’s done well is how quickly you get to know the two main characters, Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Tyler (Nicholas Hoult). You’re then left to figure out how the rest of the cast fits into their story. Read more

Please Baby Please

Please Baby Please Movie Review

“Please Baby Please” is what you might call an artsy movie, with a capital ART. That means it is full of moody color schemes and background jazz pounding as the minimal story plays out. The drama is thick and oozing with weight, which many people might call over-bearing. The subject matter veers into a group of people exploring idea about gender fluidity and the curious nature of human sexuality. Read more

SALVATORE: Shoemaker of Dreams Movie Review

When this documentary begins, we see a pair of red bejeweled high heel shoes being made. They’re moving from person to person. Several very skilled hands with a specific task to do in putting together this exceptional pair of shoes do a beautiful job with their particular role in the assignment. It’s actually rather fascinating to watch them become ready to wear. We then hear from Salvatore Ferragamo speaking of how he loves feet. They talk to him. In his hands, he felt their strengths, weaknesses, vitality and failings. He tells us feet are a “Masterpieces of fine workmanship.”​
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