80 For Brady Movie Review

As you most likely know already, the title “80 For Brady” is in regards to the age of the women who love them some Tom Brady. In Betty’s (Field) case, it’s 70 for Brady, not that it matters. That said, she does make a point of putting it on her jersey to let everyone know that she’s the baby of the bunch.


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One Fine Morning Movie Review

​Writer/Director Mia Hansen-Løve is a visionary who seems to enjoy taking characters and breaking them in two. Adored by critics for the sophisticated way she expresses love, desire and loneliness, she once again throws her protagonist, Sandra, played by Léa Seydoux (No Time To Die, The Lobster), into an environment where she finds herself cheerless and somewhat segregated from the world. Hansen-Løve also wrote and directed 2021’s haunting “Bergman Island,” which starred Tim Roth and Mia Wasikowska. With “One Fine Morning,” she has another film that’s nice and Fresh on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer.

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Knock at the Cabin Movie Review

“Knock at the Cabin” has a dark and perverse premise, one of human sacrifice for the greater good. A group of zealots meet up and go to a cabin in the woods. Like in the movie ‘The Cabin in the Woods’, a similar sacrifice was meant to be made. The purpose was to save all of humanity. But in that movie, it would mildly poke fun at Horror Tropes. In this ‘Cabin’, the tone is dark and spooky, and the bizarre nature of the concept is not played for laughs.


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Turn Every Page – The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb Movie Review

I have never read a book by Robert A. Caro, but I sure want to now! Lizzie Gottlieb directed this documentary. Lizzie Gottlieb is also Robert Gottlieb’s daughter, Caro’s editor, also a publisher. If her intention was to create new readers for this writer/editor team, she has easily achieved that goal.

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Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding Movie Review

Streaming on Prime Video as of January 27


“Shotgun Wedding” is a movie that takes careful aim at Action and Comedy, and then it pulls the trigger and hits both targets. It has a silly little premise (Tropical Invitation-Only Wedding gets overrun by Ruthless Pirates). The two leads are able pull this off without any sweat, and they have a great supporting cast. This movie could be “Die Hard at the Destination Wedding”… Read more

You People

You People Movie Review

Limited theater release: January 20, 2023

Netflix streaming: January 27, 2023


“You People” is a movie about a crash and clash of competing cultures. There is a young White Jewish guy who happens to meet a very nice Black Muslim lady. There is no reason that their relationship shouldn’t blossom and bloom into marriage, right? No reason, except they both have families who are not happy with that idea. The differences are as stark as day and night — or better said — Black and White.

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Missing Movie Review

“Missing” is a movie that is from the same people that created “Searching”. That movie used the concept that everything you see on the big screen is from a small screen. That means everything seen is footage from computer screens, phone screens, and other devices – you get the idea. The original “Searching” did a terrific job in making all of that seem real. Now “Missing” follows in those same footsteps to slowly explain a mysterious disappearance and one girl’s relentless ‘searching’ for the truth.


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The Son Movie Review

“The Son” is a prequel to a movie called “The Father” by the same Writer and Director. It has a difficult balance to work out – how to make a movie about a young person dealing with clinical depression, but not make a movie that is depressing. It is a rough road to travel. But the performances are almost enough to deliver that balance. However, the manipulative script undercuts the final results. Read more

A Man Called Otto Movie Review

Otto is an unhappy man who lives alone after losing his wife. They don’t know what it is about the curmudgeon who takes it upon himself to see that everyone in the neighborhood drives, parks and lives by every rule ever put in place by the Homeowners Association they were initially a part of, but Otto Anderson’s neighbors can’t help trying to win him over.
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