Scream Movie Review

“Scream” is the latest edition of the CSU (Cinematic Scream Universe) that began in 1994. That one was called “Scream”, followed by “Scream 2”. Next came “Scream 3” and after that “Scream 4”. So, now there is movie number five (“5”). And it is called “Scream”. That is the same name used as the first one! Is this is sequel, a remake, a reboot, a reimagining? Is it a ‘re-quel’ (reboot AND a sequel)? It just makes you want to scream!


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Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Movie Review

Exclusively launching on Amazon Prime beginning this Friday January 14th


“Hotel Transylvania: Transformania” is new movie in the series of animated comedies about a Hotel that is not located in California. All the prior movies were harmless fun, and this one continues the trend. All of these movies have been fun to watch, if not especially hilarious.

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Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Season Three

Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle S3 launches Jan 19, 2022

Double the prize, double the temptation…can our wildest ever batch of singles be tamed?


Episodes: Ten
Run Time:

Production Companies: Thames and Talkback (Fremantle labels)
Executive Producers: Amelia Brown, Saul Fearnley and Ros Coward for Thames Productions and Jonno Richards for Talkback.
Developed by: Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett

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The 355 Movie Review

“The 355” is an action-packed spy thriller with a definite feminine side. It is from the “studio that brought you Jason Bourne” (as they say). So now in this case, they can deliver ‘Jessica Bourne’, or something along those lines. The actual female spies increase in number and they are not brainwashed assassin cut-outs. They are new stereotyped women leads playing the stereotypical male counterpoint roles. Move over Mister Testosterone — these ladies have arrived!


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Year 2021 at the Movies


The Year of 2021 has now ended. Most people are breathing a sigh of relief. But the “Year of Living Pandemically” has shown that movie theaters and Hollywood are (in general) not to be counted out. The biggest problem for the Theaters is “The Rise of the Streamers”. The next biggest issue for Hollywood is the lack of originality.


Which movies stood out in 2021?


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American Underdog Movie Review


This is a pleasant tale of love and unselfishness told through the glaring lights of the field where dreams are made. Even if you don’t know who Kurt Warner is or aren’t a big fan of football, you’ll enjoy this movie because it leaves a good impression on its audience. The way “American Underdog” is laid out is moving and, in the end, leaves you with a warm feeling inside. Not half bad for a tale about a guy throwing around the pigskin, wouldn’t you agree? You will.
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The Tragedy of Macbeth Movie Review

Thought to have been performed as far back as 1606, Oscar-Winning director Joel Coen (Fargo, Inside Llweyn Davis, No Country for Old Men), now gives us his interpretation of the Shakespeare classic “Macbeth.” Knowing the films he has been a part of, it won’t be a true revelation that this, too, is spectacular. It’s exquisite.
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Red Rocket Movie Review

Director Sean Baker (Tangerine, The Florida Project), who wrote “Red Rocket” with Chris Bergoch, continues to impress. For his 2015 indie film “Tangerine,” he and Bergoch gave us an in-depth story of the life of sex workers who enjoy their orange juice and donuts. As well as being tumultuous, its slant turned out to be rather raw and captivating.
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