Nomadland Movie Review



Writer and director of the screenplay for ‘Nomadland,’ Chloé Zhao, has said, ‘The American road fascinates me. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful and deeply complicated. I’ve traveled it for many years and always hoped to capture a glimpse of it.’ With that in mind, one must think that’s why the Chinese filmmaker chose to get involved with turning Jessica Bruder’s book into a film. ​
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Judas and the Black Messiah Movie Review

This film is inspired by true events. Similarly, to Sam Pollard’s ‘MLK/FBI’ out earlier this year, ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ shows the world how afraid of powerful black men J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI was. Both films come out and say that he feared a Black Messiah and that the number of people Black leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King and the focus of this film, Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, could gather with one assembly alone, terrified him.​
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Land Movie Review

Land” is a movie obsessed with separation, because it studies a woman who separates herself from society. Due to a tragic incident in her life, she carries a major emotional burden. She carries that burden alone and removes herself from her home, off to a remote mountain cabin somewhere out ‘Into the Wild’. Is she there to find a new beginning, or is it a way to end it all?” Read more

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Movie Review

Streaming on Amazon starting February 12, 2021


“The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” is fun little movie that takes the young adult romance concept into a ‘Dr. Who timey-wimey’ direction. This makes for a mostly “Perfect” take on an older movie concept – the Time Loop. Think of “Groundhog Day”, “Edge of Tomorrow”, and (most recently) “Palm Springs” — but for the high school kids.


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Minari Movie Review

In select theaters February 12th and On Demand February 26th


“Minari” is a refreshing look at the struggles and triumphs of a family. Originally from Korea, this family immigrated to America to live in L.A. and then relocated to Arkansas. They are seemingly out-of-place in a very rural farm site. But the father’s desire to be a successful farmer is the driving force to keep them together.


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