VAL Movie Review


That little jeer! When I hear Val Kilmer’s name, I always think of when ‘Ice,’ his character in “Top Gun,” snaps his teeth at a surprised Maverick (Tom Cruise). That image is burned in my brain. It could be because, with the serious actor that Val Kilmer is, he created a backstory for the presence of his almost non-existent character. ​
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Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins Movie Review

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins” is based on the HCU (Hasbro Cinematic Universe – if there is such a thing) and is vaguely connected to the other G.I. Joe movies. But this movie is all about the ‘origins’ of the one named “Snake Eyes”. He is an expert in martial arts and now you get to learn his background. They say “Never bring a knife to a gun fight”. This movie goes further — “Never bring an Uzi to a Katana showdown”. Read more

Joe Bell Movie Review


‘Joe Bell’ is about Mark Wahlberg’s character, Joe Bell, on a crusade against bullying, particularly toward people who come out as homosexual, as his son Jaidn (Reid Miller) had. Jaiden was trying to tell his father what he had been going through for the entire school year thus far. Joe tuned him out. ​
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