The Bikeriders

The Bikeriders Movie Review

“The Bikeriders” is look back at when a motorcycle club was born and how it transformed into something that was out-of-control. Based on book that includes pictures of the original members, this movie creates a bigger picture. This was an exclusive club for the cool cats and the wild kitties. That is, until the engine was revved too fast and it wiped…. Read more


Thelma Movie Review

“Thelma” is wonderful picture of a confident and energetic geriatric. That is, older retired lady who decides that getting older does not mean she will get dumber. When she is scammed over the phone for a lot of money — her ‘Tom Cruise’ overdrive kicks in. She teams up with an old friend to trade in her needlepoint — so she can hold her adversaries at gun point…. Read more


Ultraman: Rising Movie Review

“Ultraman: Rising” is an animated story about a character from Japan, who has been popular for close to six decades. Ultraman  protects the city of Tokyo from attack. But when he is not fighting off invading Kaiju (giant monsters from the ocean) – this Ultraman has been given the task to raise a cute little baby… Kaiju. Talk about irony…


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Bad Boys: Ride or Die Movie Review

“Bad Boys: Ride or Die” is the latest in the long-running franchise started in 1995. Started back when the Miami Vice was not very nice, the two Miami cops are still out chasing drug dealer and cartel leaders. But now, a major Bad Dude has turned the tables on the Boys, and now they are running away from the law. Let’s see if quippy remarks and smart-alec banter can get out of this sticky situation…


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The Watchers

The Watchers Movie Review

“The Watchers” is a movie based off of recent horror novel, and it was adapted to give you scares and chills. At least the interesting premise will get you engaged, but the final reveal is where is should pack a punch. Especially if the Writer and Director is a child of the one of the current greats. However, sometimes you can stretch a rubber band just so far before it snaps… Read more

The Big Bend Movie Review

“The Big Bend” is an independent movie about some friends visiting from New Jersey into the rugged wilds of the Bid Bend region of Texas. Old college friends are reunited, and two families are challenged with internal (and external) crisis situations. Out where the terrain is rough and the desert is harsh, they find the truth is sometimes harsher… Read more

Young Woman and the Sea Movie Review

This film is based on the book of the same name, written by Glenn Stout and published in 2009. I, for one, am glad it was written. The movie is about a young swimmer named Trudy Ederle who had big dreams and, lucky for all women who play sports today, wouldn’t give up on them. ​
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Ezra Movie Review

“Ezra” is a beautiful story, a multigenerational drama with three males realizing they have developmental disabilities. They help one another navigate their issues, as well as their own restrictive patterns. The first two are Stan (Robert De Niro) and his son Max (Bobby Cannavale). Their problems are hardly noticeable, with Max being worse than Stan. The situation is then worse for Ezra.

The film is dark and very heavy at times but well told. Definitely one to see.

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