Mass Movie Review


“Mass” was written and directed by actor Fran Kranz, who you’ve seen in such films as “Training Day,” “Cabin in the Woods,” and “The Village.” Actually, this is his writing and directorial debut. Still, with all the acting credits listed next to his name, I wasn’t too worried about whether or not he’d be a good storyteller. And what do you know, I wasn’t disappointed. You won’t be either.
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Bergman Island Movie Review

There’s something I have to mention right away, so I don’t forget. The music in this film is sublime. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, the logline for “Bergman Island” tells us that a couple goes to the Swedish island of Fårö. This island inspired Ingmar Bergman to write some of his work.
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Movie Review of The Rescue from National Geographic Documentary Films

Thank you, National Geographic Documentary Films! This is very captivating. “The Rescue” is a film that recounts the steps taken to help save twelve youngsters and their coach trapped in an underwater cave from impending tragedy.
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Hard Luck Love Song Movie Review


“Hard Luck Love Song” was inspired by a song written by an American folk singer/songwriter named Todd Snider. His debut album, “Songs for the Daily Planet,” which came out in 1994, blew my mind. Now in his fifties, Snider still manages to write far-out lyrics that generally tell amusing anecdotes, but with powerful messages.
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Halloween Kills Movie Review

Opens in theaters and on Peacock streaming starting October 15, 2021


“Halloween Kills” is a direct sequel to “Halloween” (2018). This is not to be confused with “Halloween” (1978), because “Halloween” (2018) is a direct follow-up to the 1978 movie. In this new timeline, all the other ‘Halloween’ sequels and follow-up movies did not happen. Now it’s only the 1978 slasher/killer and the babysitter forty years later. In 2018, the slashing and killing started again. So now the stage is set and the knives are sharpened for “Halloween Kills”.


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The Last Duel Movie Review

“The Last Duel” is an epic-sized historical drama full of swords and shields and mud and blood. It tells of a true tale from the 14th century in Medieval France based on power, pride, purity and lust. The style is focused some particular events and retold multiple times from the eyes of the three main characters. This never comes off a gimmick, but instead opens up a new layer of discovery after each tale is told once more. In the end, it shows how some behaviors have changed little over these hundreds of years. Read more

Madres Movie Review

Streaming on Amazon Prime starting Oct. 8, 2021


“Madres” is a Blumhouse Television movie that deals with mothers (madres), but with a twist of fear and uncertainty. Mothers, and mothers-to-be, are placed into a deadly place – a place where a curse might be leading to death. When the little farming community in rural California has mostly Mexican immigrants, the women are afraid to become pregnant. There is something in the water, or something in the evil intentions of certain people in the town.


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The Manor Movie Review

Streaming on Amazon Prime starting October 8, 2021


“The Manor” is a Blumhouse Television production that mixes a story of an old-folks home with the supernatural spookiness of “The Wicker Man”, but without the bees.  When an elderly lady suffers a stroke, she finds a place of rest and peace living at the Golden Sun Manor. But then she uncovers a world enveloped in ancient rituals that threaten her very existence. She might not be able to tell reality from her own vivid dreams, and those dreams turn into nightmares.


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Lamb Movie Review – It isn’t half baaaad

In the beginning of this Valdimar Jóhannsson directed film, his debut (he also wrote the script with Sjón Sigurdsson), one thing becomes evident. Not much else does, mind you, but still, there’s one thing you can feel completely certain of… you’ll see much more from Icelandic director Valdimar Jóhannsson in the coming years.
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No Time to Die Movie Review

“No Time to Die” is the pandemic-delayed James Bond movie that notches number 25 in the series. The things that make a ‘Bond’ movie special are all on display, such as fantastic action sequences, beautiful locations and beautiful women. But there is also large tinge of sadness, like a final passing of an era.


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