Bob Marley: OneLove

Bob Marley: One Love Movie Review

“Bob Marley: One Love” is a biographical movie about the talented Jamaican artist who brought reggae music to a higher level. He was instrumental in bringing the rhythmic beats into popular culture. The Marley family were key contributors to the production of this movie. So, it was their way of showing Bob their ‘One Love’… Read more


Ghostwritten Movie Review

Available February 9, 2024 (Video on Demand)


“Ghostwritten” is an independently-crafted movie with a limited budget and lofty goals. The story reveals that writing a novel is usually done alone. But sometimes, when the situation and surroundings are paranormal, what results has come from a team effort. However, not each member of the writing team is alive…


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Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness Movie Review

“Out of Darkness” is a ‘Paleolithic horror film’, according to the Director. The story is about the journey of a small ‘tribe’ of Stone Age wanderers, venturing far into an unknown territory. Little do they know of the dangers that lurk there in their new home. They may have well stumbled into a place where there is no return, into a land that is fraught with danger. Read more


Argylle Movie Review

“Argylle” is an action-packed spy thriller, where the only one without multiple undercover identities is Alfie – the Scottish Fold cat. As the movie trots across the globe, there are mysteries uncovered and sinister plots revealed. All these twists and turns come at a break-neck pace. But there is a goofy sense of fun so that it all works out in the end.


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The Underdoggs

The Underdoggs Movie Review

Streaming on Prime Video – January 26, 2024


“The Underdoggs” is a typical rehash of the down-on-their-luck sports team given a second chance by a famous sport legend who is in a legal jam. In this case, the emphasis is on ‘hash’, and ‘ganja’ and ‘weed’ and other smoke-able entities. This Hard R-rated comedy is right up the wheelhouse of the star – Snoop Dogg.

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