Knock at the Cabin Movie Review

“Knock at the Cabin” has a dark and perverse premise, one of human sacrifice for the greater good. A group of zealots meet up and go to a cabin in the woods. Like in the movie ‘The Cabin in the Woods’, a similar sacrifice was meant to be made. The purpose was to save all of humanity. But in that movie, it would mildly poke fun at Horror Tropes. In this ‘Cabin’, the tone is dark and spooky, and the bizarre nature of the concept is not played for laughs.


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Missing Movie Review

“Missing” is a movie that is from the same people that created “Searching”. That movie used the concept that everything you see on the big screen is from a small screen. That means everything seen is footage from computer screens, phone screens, and other devices – you get the idea. The original “Searching” did a terrific job in making all of that seem real. Now “Missing” follows in those same footsteps to slowly explain a mysterious disappearance and one girl’s relentless ‘searching’ for the truth.


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Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion – A Knives Out Mystery Movie Review

Streaming on Netflix starting Dec. 23, 2022


“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” is a close second-cousin to the movie “Knives Out”. They are related by blood, mainly the blood oozing from deadly flesh wounds. “Knives Out” concerned a suspected murder, and all of the mysterious events and cover-ups that occurred after. “Glass Onion” is also a whodunnit, in a sense. But when it becomes unclear exactly what has been done, then very next mystery is exactly who.


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The Eternal Daughter Movie Review

“The Eternal Daughter” is labeled a mystery, thriller and, through the trailer, sold as somewhat of a ghost story. Imagine my surprise when halfway through the hour-and-a-half movie, I hadn’t received a storyline matching either of the descriptions I had been expecting. I was perplexed. However, I do acknowledge that what I saw was spectacular beauty. I also witnessed one of my favorite actresses make it impossible for me to turn away from the screen.

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Emmy Award-winning Series “Ghostwriter” Releases Official Third Season Trailer


Apple TV+ debuts trailer for the third season of Emmy Award-winning series “Ghostwriter,” from Sesame Workshop.


Featuring an entirely new cast and adventure, the latest installment dives into stories inspired by “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” “Charlotte’s Web,” “Bayou Magic” and more.


Director and Executive Producer: Luke Matheny
Writer and Executive Producer: Andrew Orenstein
Starring: Princess K. Mapp, Nour Assaf, Daire McLeod

Run Time: 25min
Genres: Family, Mystery, Fantasy

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Blonde Movie Review

“Blonde,” a Marilyn Monroe biopic with fictional moments taken from the Joyce Carol Oates novel thrown in, didn’t give me what I expected it would. It gave me so much more. Having never felt one way or another about Marilyn Monroe, I assumed I’d be viewing a movie about her life that would have a revelation or two. I expected information about how she started in the business and to learn a little about her childhood. Perhaps this movie would dig a little deeper, but even so, that would be that.

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