Profile Official Trailer



‘Profile’ Stars: Valene Kane, Shazad Latif, Christine Adams, Amir Rahimzadeh, Morgan Watkins, Emma Cater



Run Time: 1h 45min



Genres: Mystery, Thriller



Producers: Timur Bekmambetov and Olga Kharina



*Focus Features will release ‘Profile’ in theaters on May 14, 2021



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Kindred Movie Review

At the beginning of the film, Charlotte, played by actress Tamara Lawrance of the series ‘The Long Song,’ stares at a small bird in a cage. She seems to be deep in thought, perhaps feeling sorry for the poor winged creature who’s trapped in what looks to be, to the human eye, a beautiful home.
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Come Play Movie Review

The question of the day is, how do I get you to watch ‘Come Play’ without giving away too much of the movie. That’s a tall order, but I’ll at least say this to get you to watch; it’s frighteningly efficient at doing what it was created to do; scare the hell out of you without being gross. ​
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