Aquarela Movie Review

This movie is magnificent. Its essence is beauty and its message, sublime. The subject of this film is stunning in its might but also reminds us that it has an unforgiving disposition when pushed too far. This film shows us every one of those elements and more.

‘Aquarela’ is a must-see and I suggest you see it in the most significant theatre possible.
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Ready or Not Movie Review

In-laws, am I right? No one ever wants to deal with the In-laws but Grace (Weaving) really wants to make a good impression! It’ll be especially difficult with the kind of family she’s marrying into… the filthy rich. Fiancé Alex (O’Brien) is a Le Domas whose family is of old money that has come from the producing and selling of board games.

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Blinded by the Light Movie Review

Blinded by the Light is an incredibly inspirational film. It’s the story of a Pakistani teenager named Javed (Viveik Kalra) who’s going through a tremendous identity crisis. In a unique fashion, his story shows us that the most important thing in life is to discover who we are. Growing beyond childhood regularly takes being forced into it when we’re not ready. That nudge ofttimes comes from the most unlikely of places. It certainly does in Javed’s case. Read more

Good Boys Movie Review

“Good Boys” sets up in the same tradition as “Super Bad” or “Booksmart”. There are people who hear of a wild and crazy party that will be held soon. They make up their minds that they will do anything to attend. But the guys who hear of the party are not college-age. They are not even high school age. They are in sixth-grade, and the big shindig in question is a ‘kissing party’ in the basement of one of the ‘cool kids’ from school. To them, it is a chance to get up into the ‘cool kid’ ranks, and one of them will meet up with the girl on whom he has a crush. Read more