The Hunt Movie Review

“The Hunt” is sure to get the ‘Radical Red State’ people and the ‘Blindly-Extreme Blue State’ folks all riled up. But for the rest of us, it will be a typical Action/Horror extravaganza. It takes the Black vs. White confrontation of “Get Out” and steers it into the Liberal vs. Conservative obstacle course. Read more

I Still Believe Movie Review

“I Still Believe” is a Christian themed story about a current Christian music star – Jeremy Camp – and the difficult journey he had with his wife, Melissa. Since this person is still around, the creators had Camp’s feedback and even his blessing on the way they tell his story. The story begins with him, but it ultimately gets back to his wife. She was stricken with a terrible physical burden and saw that it was lifted for a short time. Melissa then became ill once more, but her love and inspiration outlived her short experience on Earth.

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Wendy Movie Review

“Wendy” is an offbeat, yet charming little movie of childhood imaginations and not wanting to grow up. If that sounds familiar, then think of a different view of “Peter Pan”. What if that were told from perspective of Wendy? Now you are catching on! Read more