Poor Things New Extended Look Trailer


“Poor Things” is Only In Theaters December 8, 2023.


Directed by: Yorgos Lanthimos
Written by: Tony McNamara
Starring: Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe, Ramy Youssef, Christopher Abbott, Suzy Bemba, Jerrod Carmichael, Kathryn Hunter, Vicki Pepperdine, Margaret Qualley, Hanna Schygulla

Rating: R (Graphic Nudity|Gore|Disturbing Material|Language|Strong Sexual Content)
Runtime: 2h 21m
Genres: Sci-fi, Romance

Producers: Yorgos Lanthimos, Emma Stone, Ed Guiney, Andrew Lowe

Distributed by: Searchlight Pictures


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Theatre Camp Movie Review

You’ll relate to this film if you went to any sort of camp while growing up. After watching the screening, when asked what my initial reaction to “Theatre Camp” was, I had to respond with, “You can feel Will Ferrell all over it.” Though he didn’t write or direct, his having been involved in the production of the film cast quite an impression, so much so that you will sense him.​
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Searchlight Pictures NEXT GOAL WINS Trailer Debut  


Directed by: Academy Award Winner Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit, Thor: Ragnarok)
Written by: 
Starring: Michael Fassbender, Elisabeth Moss, Oscar Kightley, Uli Latukefu, Rachel House, Kaimana, David Fane, Beulah Koale, Chris Alosio, Taika Waititi, Will Arnett, Rhys Darb

Rated: PG-13 (Crude Material|Some Strong Language)
Run Time: 1h 37m
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sports

Distributor: Searchlight Pictures


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Chevalier Movie Review

The film is set in the prelude to the Paris Revolution. Mozart is giving a concert and a man from the crowd asks if he could play Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. Five with him on stage. Mozart accepts, yet when he sees it’s a black man, well dressed though he is (his father supported his son so he would want for nothing), Mozart asks his audience, “Who put you up to this?” ​
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Empire of Light Movie Review

I was looking very forward to “Empire of Light” based on its poster alone! It’s a solid visual of two people quietly celebrating the glory that is the event, the bringing about of fantastic fireworks in the sky. It turns out it’s just 1980 turning into 1981, but it looks like something more unique, as did the movie when I first saw the trailer. ​
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The Menu Movie Review

“The Menu” is categorized as a comedy, thriller and horror. I’m not sure “Horror” is the correct way to describe it, but the other two genres are spot on. What’s done well is how quickly you get to know the two main characters, Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Tyler (Nicholas Hoult). You’re then left to figure out how the rest of the cast fits into their story. Read more

The Menu Trailer

Searchlight Pictures’ Trailer for “The Menu” starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes


Director: Mark Mylod
Writers: Seth Reiss, Will Tracy
Starring: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes, Nicholas Hoult, John Leguizamo, Judith Light, Hong Chau
Producers: Adam McKay, Betsy Koch


Rated: R
Run Time: 1h 46m
Genres: Comedy, Horror

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