The Glorias Movie Review

THE GLORIAS is available for purchase on Digital and Streaming exclusively on Prime Video starting September 30th.


“The Glorias” movie will tell you that Gloria Steinem is someone who looms large on the screen. So large, in fact, that the character needs to be by portrayed by four individuals. A child plays Steinem as a young girl, then another plays her as a teenager. Yet another person portrays Steinem as a young adult, and even later, she is portrayed by someone else. Through the whole tale, Steinem is shown being with the people who had influenced her. Then finally Steinem has grown into the person who has influenced an entire generation of women.


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Tesla Movie Review

“Tesla” is movie about the influential, but much-lesser known, counterpoint to Thomas Edison – Nikola Tesla. The facts surrounding Tesla’s life and his creative spirit should form the basis of a super-charged jolt of a movie. Alas, this effort proves that the juice can run out – even for a bio-pic of a person well ahead of his time.

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HARRIET, Starring Academy® Award Nominee Cynthia Erivo, Celebrates Black History Month w/ FREE SCREENINGS

Free screenings of ‘Harriet’ offered in 50 theatres around the United States on Tuesday, February 4, and Tuesday, February 11.

Check here to see if your town is on the list.

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