21 Bridges Movie Review

“21 Bridges” is tightly-paced police action drama, in which a couple bad guys kill a bunch of cops — and then Black Panther comes to the rescue…  Well – actually the actor who plays Black Panther. But for a standard ‘police face off against assailants’ type of movie, this does a really good job to keep it moving. Read more

Charlie’s Angels Movie Review

“Charlie’s Angels” has a long history, first as TV show with the ‘Angels’ kicking butt and looking fine. Then later as a movie version (and a sequel) that had new and different ‘Angels’ kicking butt and looking fine. And now we come full circle, in which the 2019 “Charlie’s Angels” focus on new and different ‘Angels’ kicking butt and looking fine. Glad there is no boring repetition here! Read more

Doctor Sleep Movie Review

If asked, I’d sum up this movie in one sentence. I’d say that it’s about a depraved matriarchal killer named Rose the Hat (Ferguson). She started her bloodshed over a century ago, and moves around the country with her band of misfit vampires, for lack of a better word, looking for souls to steal along the way. This story is utterly wicked as is she.
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