Creed III

Creed III Movie Review

“Creed III” is a new movie in the franchise of “Rocky”, which started back in 1976. Back then, Rocky faced a boxer in the ring named Apollo Creed. With this offshoot from the original series, Creed’s son has risen in the ranks and now is a retired Heavyweight Champ. Three movies in, and now Creed faces a new opponent in the ring, someone from his dark past… Read more

Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear Movie Review

“Cocaine Bear” is a movie you think might go over the ‘line’ and you hope it doesn’t ‘blow’. Some of the situations are more than you can ‘bear’, so make sure your movie ticket has an Escape ‘Claws’. You know that ‘things go better with Coke’, especially a drugged-up bear with anger issues. So sit back and take just another ‘hit’…

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Emily Movie Review

Once thought of as actress Frances O’Connor from such films as “Mansfield Park,” “A.I.: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” and “The Conjuring 2,” she’s now Actress, Writer, and Director Frances O’Connor. And what an undertaking she took on for her debut film. I must first mention what a fine job she did choosing her cast and crew. Abel Korzeniowski’s score is nothing short of transcendent. During the opening credits, it’ll have you in the mood for something heavy and exciting to watch. And this will be the case during the remainder of the film. She couldn’t have picked a better costume designer, cinematographer, or cast, either.

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Sharper Movie Review

Everyone loves a movie about a good con job. “The Usual Suspects,” “Catch Me If You Can,” and “A Fish Called Wanda” are a few of my favorite films of the genre. Of course, it’s best when you don’t see the sting coming too quickly. Here, it’s all over the place, but what sets this apart from some of the more recent films centered around the con artist is that you can’t quite tell who, in the end, will be the final mark. Or is everyone the mark?
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Ant-Man and the Wasp - Quantumania

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Movie Review

“Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” is the title that just rolls off your tongue, or not! For once again the Marvel Movie Machine has come up a way to relax with some known characters, while introducing a Brand-New Big Bad. It is assumed that the audience is all caught up and up-to-speed with prior Marvel installments. That includes some previous Ant-Man movies, and even some Disney Plus streaming series (‘Loki’, perhaps?)… Read more

Marlowe Movie Review

“Marlowe” is a not-so-engaging film noir set in the Bay City in October of 1939. It’s based on a novel by John Banville, who also wrote Albert Nobbs (2011), The Sea (2013) and Quirke (2013), which were also turned into movies. In books by Raymond Chandler, the Marlowe character is so popular that he practically defines the gumshoe character itself. Chandler wouldn’t be so happy with his operative so weak and feckless as he is here. An aging Neeson may have been the right fit for the part several years ago, but perhaps it’s time to hang up the roles that call for him to play characters like this, where his being cast makes the story unbelievable for the audience.
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Let it Be Morning

Let It Be Morning Movie Review

“Let It Be Morning” is a story based on tension and conflict. But it explains that predicament in ways that emphasize boredom and frustration. In a remote village in Israel, there is no way to avoid the uneasy feeling of being an entire town of Palestinians with Israeli citizenship. Especially when the road out of town is cut off and there is a military lock down…


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Close Movie Review

This is a glorious, mesmerizing, yet heartbreaking film. The story is about two best friends, as close as close can be. Their inseparability is the true subject of this cinematic opus. We begin with the boys outside having fun playing with one another. They hide in a bunker, bust out and run through a beautiful field of flowers, imagining they’re in battle, being chased by their enemies. What’s really chasing them is the unavoidable loss of their youth. They just don’t know it yet.

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Magic Mike’s Last Dance Movie Review

“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” is another sequel to feature a character known as ‘Magic Mike’. His previous two adventures had the muscular hunk dancing his way into the hearts of many women. This time, he is put into a reverse “Pretty Woman” role. Mike is the new ‘artistic director’ for a rich woman in London, and he is ready to a put on a show!


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