Kajillionaire Movie Review

“Kajillionaire” will open in theaters nationwide on September 25, 2020.


“Kajillionaire” would like to introduce you to a family of con artists. Well maybe not ‘artists’, they are more like first-year Art students. This family is very off-kilter, but as you get to know them more — it seems they might be off-their-rockers as well. Getting by on minimal expense and maximum shake-down is a point of pride to them. But when a new person comes along with them, the rickety foundations start to crumble and fall.


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Antebellum Movie Review

Antebellum is premiering on demand; available to rent on all major digital and cable retailers this Friday Sept. 18.


“Antebellum” is not just a style of Southern mansion, it is a movie that sets your calendars back to the era of slavery and the Civil War. Can the past never die? In the minds of some people, there is never a time where the South lost the War and Mr. Lincoln freed the enslaved. The movie imagines a throwback to a brutal and unfair system — because some folks like to reenact the wrong side of history.


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The Way I See It Movie Review

NOTE: “The Way I See It”  will be in limited release on September 18, 2020 by Focus Features, followed by broadcast on MSNBC on October 16, 2020 (at 10 PM Eastern Time).


“The Way I See It” is a documentary about a person who was able to keep the focus on a President. As in, he was the main photographer of the White House. Plus he did that photographic wizardry not for just a single President. He was in the White House during the 1980’s and then was invited back for another round. He had a unique position in that he repeated his time in there as the Official Photographer.

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The Broken Hearts Gallery Movie Review

NOTE: Opening in theaters starting this Friday Sept. 11


“The Broken Hearts Gallery” is well-written and well-cast rom-com that can take a “Meet Cute” and spin it into a ride-share adventure. Using the backdrop of the New York City art scene, the main characters find a way to take the flotsam and jetsam of past relationships and create high-concept art. With a young and talented cast, this movie takes fresh look at relationships and — when they end badly — what can be done with the cast-off wreckage of past love.

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Get Duked! Movie Review


Streaming on Amazon Prime starting August 28


“Get Duked!” is the comedy-horror mash-up movie that follows some inner-city ‘Boyz’ who get dropped off into the Scottish Highlands for rigorous trek over hill and dale. Along the way they meet up with some Royals who have murderous intent. The young juvenile miscreants, along with one other home-schooled do-gooder, are avoiding criminal charges by taking the “Duke of Edinburgh Award for Trailblazing and Hiking” challenge. They do not notice that the first letters spell out DEATH…

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Tesla Movie Review

“Tesla” is movie about the influential, but much-lesser known, counterpoint to Thomas Edison – Nikola Tesla. The facts surrounding Tesla’s life and his creative spirit should form the basis of a super-charged jolt of a movie. Alas, this effort proves that the juice can run out – even for a bio-pic of a person well ahead of his time.

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