Sylvie’s Love Movie Review

Released for Streaming on Amazon Prime – Dec. 23


“Sylvie’s Love” is a throwback to the mid 1960’s, into a era of hot jazz and warm hearts The Black culture shown on the screen is infused with a love of music, family, and pop culture. In this arrangement, the story touches on love found, then lost, and then found again. But only for a while… It is like a jazz cover of “La-La Land”, in a different key and with slowed-down tempo.

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Climate of the Hunter Movie Review


Released in select theaters on December 18th (VOD on January 12th, 2021)


“Climate of the Hunter” is an odd mash-up of a low-budget horror movie and low-budget indie/art-house movie. The place where succeeds the most in the ‘low-budget’ part. Now, some low-budget movies can be well made and interesting – wanting to tell a unique story in a low-key manner. But, with a misguided concept – this can go off the rails pretty quickly. This movie boards the Express Train to Weird and never makes a stop…

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I’m Your Woman Movie Review

Opens in theaters Dec 11th, and will be streaming on Amazon Prime Dec. 11th


“I’m Your Woman” takes you into a criminal world that you rarely see on screen – the ‘Domestic’ side of crime. That is to say, it follows the story of a meek and unassuming wife of a bad guy. She does not know anything at all about the activities of her husband. But when this perfect world is torn apart one night, she is unprepared for what is about to happen.

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