The Miracle Club Movie Review

Set in Dublin in 1967, “The Miracle Club” is about the tale of close friends, Lily (Maggie Smith), Eileen (Kathy Bates), and Dolly (Agnes O’Casey), who live in a somewhat troubled town of Ballygar, outside of Dublin, Ireland. Agnes O’Casey holds her own with who could be considered some of the best actresses of our time. You’d think they, indeed were close with one another.
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Carmen Move Review

Here, Carmen is tackled by well-known choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied. The film is very artistic and deserves the attention a lover of something distinct would be willing to give it. You should, too, just for the hearts that created it. The score by Nicholas Britell (Succession, Moonlight) is exceptional. However, this is an odd creation. ​
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One Fine Morning Movie Review

​Writer/Director Mia Hansen-Løve is a visionary who seems to enjoy taking characters and breaking them in two. Adored by critics for the sophisticated way she expresses love, desire and loneliness, she once again throws her protagonist, Sandra, played by Léa Seydoux (No Time To Die, The Lobster), into an environment where she finds herself cheerless and somewhat segregated from the world. Hansen-Løve also wrote and directed 2021’s haunting “Bergman Island,” which starred Tim Roth and Mia Wasikowska. With “One Fine Morning,” she has another film that’s nice and Fresh on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer.

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SALVATORE: Shoemaker of Dreams Movie Review

When this documentary begins, we see a pair of red bejeweled high heel shoes being made. They’re moving from person to person. Several very skilled hands with a specific task to do in putting together this exceptional pair of shoes do a beautiful job with their particular role in the assignment. It’s actually rather fascinating to watch them become ready to wear. We then hear from Salvatore Ferragamo speaking of how he loves feet. They talk to him. In his hands, he felt their strengths, weaknesses, vitality and failings. He tells us feet are a “Masterpieces of fine workmanship.”​
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The Son Teaser Trailer



Directed by: Florian Zeller
Written by: Florian Zeller, Christopher Hampton

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby, Zen McGrath, Hugh Quarshie, and Anthony Hopkins

Genre: Drama
Run Time: 2h 3m

Producers: Florian Zeller, Christophe Spadone, Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Joanna Laurie, Karl Hartman
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Classics

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