JAZZ FEST: A New Orleans Story Movie Review

The late great George Wein, the creator of the Newport Jazz Festival in the 1960s, felt that New Orleans had to have a music festival of its own. New Orleans had something no other city in the world could claim. It had the birthright of jazz. In the era of Jim Crow, it couldn’t happen as, at the time, whites and blacks couldn’t be on the same stage together. Wein told his wife Joyce that he hoped time would eventually turn in his favor. ​
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The Human Factor Movie Trailer

The Human Factor is a documentary about the peace agreement in the 90s between Israel and Palestine.


Directed by: Dror Moreh

Scripted by: Dror Moreh, Oron Adar

Featured Negotiators: Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, Gamal Helal, Aaron David Miller, Daniel Kurtzer, Robert Malley

Rated: PG-13

Run Time: 1h 48min

Genre: Documentary


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