Apple Original Films’ “Argylle,” to premiere globally on Apple TV+ on April 12, 2024

Apple Original Films’ “Argylle,” from Matthew Vaughn, to premiere globally on Apple TV+ on April 12, 2024

New action comedy romance led by an all-star cast starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, Samuel L. Jackson and Sam Rockwell

Plus a reimagining of “Electric Energy” from “Argylle,” released by K-pop superstars THE BOYZ


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Argylle Movie Review

“Argylle” is an action-packed spy thriller, where the only one without multiple undercover identities is Alfie – the Scottish Fold cat. As the movie trots across the globe, there are mysteries uncovered and sinister plots revealed. All these twists and turns come at a break-neck pace. But there is a goofy sense of fun so that it all works out in the end.


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The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper Movie Review

“The Beekeeper” is a movie guaranteed to generate some ‘buzz’. But will this equate to good publicity, or will it ‘bee’ a typical January mediocre movie release? That would depend on how much you like (or at least tolerate) action star Jason Statham. And how much you like explosions, violence, and bloody beatings… Read more

The Mother

The Mother Movie Review

Streaming on Netflix starting May 12, 2023


“The Mother” is a Netflix release filled with a lot of action and female empowerment. In this case the ‘Mother’ is a military-trained assassin who gets into a bad situation. She is able to get out, but her child is taken away. Later when her former partners are trying to get to her, they go after the daughter. That is when “The Mother’ turns into a real ‘mother’…

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John Wick Chapter 4

John Wick: Chapter 4 Movie Review

“John Wick: Chapter 4” does the opposite of many movie sequel series. It gets better, and more amped up, and full of more brutal action sequences than the prior movies. The hit man saga of ‘John Wick’ hits harder and with a more forceful punch than ever before. There is no shortage of bullets, blades or adrenaline in this action-packed 2 hours, 49 minutes of mayhem and madness. So, strap in for a roller coaster ride of revenge. Read more

The System

The System Movie Review

“The System” is a movie that takes an average ‘prison is hell’ scenario and says, how could we make this more exciting? I know – add the elements of ‘Thunderdome’ and ‘Fight Club’ to give it gritty hand-to-hand combat. Oh, and don’t forget the ‘sick daughter on the outside’ angle. And of course, the Warden who treats the prison as if it were his personal kingdom. Read more

Ambulance Movie Review

“Ambulance” is a high-energy, high-octane roller-coaster ride with some quality actors careening down the streets of LA in said emergency vehicle. The plot asks you to completely turn off your brain and focus on the screen — so you view the motion and feel the emotion. This movie is directed by Michael Bay. He continues to show that he must have an unofficial catch phrase: ‘The Secret to Success is Using Too Much Excess”. Read more

Blacklight Movie Review

“Blacklight” – Hey it’s no longer only a far-out glow-in-the-dark poster at Spencer’s in the Mall. Now it is a full-blown movie.  But this run-of-the-mill thriller is a new way to bring some action to some older actors. There is a big conspiracy at a major government agency, and the hero will get some help from an up-and-coming new journalist. Stop me if you’ve heard this before…


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CopShop Movie Review

“CopShop” takes a page out of the standard ‘Manual of Nominal Action Thrillers’. But it makes just enough scribbles in the margins to make it a decently slick movie. All of the ingredients are standard, and the cooking instructions are also straightforward. Take a basic format: hit man is out to kill his target, and a good cop wants to stand in the way. But then mix in some fresh ideas (it all takes place in a police station), and some off-the-wall characters (another hit man shows up delivering balloons), and it makes the bat guano fly! Read more

The Protégé Movie Review

“The Protégé” believes that old movie plot ideas can be done with a new twist and with new characters and still be a rip-roaring experience. They would be correct in that thinking, because this movie finds a unique place to become a globe-trotting revenge fight-fest and shoot-out that makes the best use of the excellent cast.

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