CopShop Movie Review

“CopShop” takes a page out of the standard ‘Manual of Nominal Action Thrillers’. But it makes just enough scribbles in the margins to make it a decently slick movie. All of the ingredients are standard, and the cooking instructions are also straightforward. Take a basic format: hit man is out to kill his target, and a good cop wants to stand in the way. But then mix in some fresh ideas (it all takes place in a police station), and some off-the-wall characters (another hit man shows up delivering balloons), and it makes the bat guano fly! Read more

The Protégé Movie Review

“The Protégé” believes that old movie plot ideas can be done with a new twist and with new characters and still be a rip-roaring experience. They would be correct in that thinking, because this movie finds a unique place to become a globe-trotting revenge fight-fest and shoot-out that makes the best use of the excellent cast.

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Wrath of Man Movie Review

Opens in theaters starting May 7th


“Wrath of Man” is full-throated action revenge movie with a massive body count and an unlimited supply of ammo. It is a real gut-punch of mayhem and murder, fueled by cash in armored trucks and people willing to kill to get at it. But when an innocent bystander gets caught in the crossfire, a devious plot comes together to turn the crooks into Swiss cheese.


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Without Remorse Movie Review

Available to stream on Amazon Prime (April 30th)


“Without Remorse” is an action-filled movie in the tradition of other Tom Clancy based movies. There is lot of political gameplay going on between nations, but the real work is done by the grunts and the Special Forces teams on the ground. The polite diplomatic discussions are moved aside for high-velocity gunfire and hand-to-hand fighting. The only way to get the job done is to finish off the other guy.

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