The Creator

The Creator Movie Review

“The Creator” is a worthwhile addition the large stew of ‘Humans vs. Robots” movies of the past decades. But there is no ‘SkyNet’ here, and no rogue ‘Replicants’ coming back to Earth from the Off-World. The combat is fierce, and the struggle to survive is strong on both sides. The future world holds many uncertainties. And, if we are not careful, this might point us to a direction that is not the right way — but the way that we are currently heading… Read more


Nope Movie Review

“Nope” is a movie that will take some common science-fiction and horror concepts and stands them on their head. It peels back the layers of complexity into simple and familiar scenes. There are questions that are suggested, and the movie plans to answer only a few of them. The rest of them are puzzles to be worked out and studied, like some jigsaw pieces that have been painted Black. Read more

Moonfall Movie Review

“Moonfall” is blockbuster wannabe, created by the guy who has created many of these types of movies before. The prior efforts of Roland Emmerich have been loud and wild, and with just enough logical sense to keep all the action grounded. But it usually delivers on the ‘put the brain in neutral and pass the popcorn’ style of a fun experience. Here, he gets a little more Science involved, but it is still wild and loud fun.


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Matrix Resurrections Movie Review

“Matrix Resurrections” comes back full circle as many of the cast and crew from the original “Matrix” ‘trilogy’ return. The ‘trilogy’ has become a ‘quadruplet’ of movies (is that even a thing?) with this recharged version of Man vs. Machine. Sit down in a comfy leather chair and then take the Red Pill to come along…


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The Tomorrow War Movie Review

“The Tomorrow War” is an action-packed ride into a battle of humanity against alien creatures. But it does not happen now, instead it is in the future, as in “Tomorrow’. But for all familiar ideas that pop up, they are scrubbed and polished with a great group of actors who can take some retread plot lines and make everything seem fresh and new. The action is almost non-stop, and it is presented in an exciting manner. The stakes are raised high, and the cast delivers on the goods. Read more

Voyagers Movie Review

“Voyagers” is a movie with science-fiction setting, but at the heart it is about pure deviant psychology. Think about “Lord of the Flies” set on a spaceship, and you get the idea. When a future Earth is facing ruin, the smart people send out a space ship to planet light-years away. The people sent to colonize a new world are raised as obedient sheep. But they won’t stay that way.


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Chaos Walking Movie Review

“Chaos Walking” is a movie adaptation of a trilogy of young-adult novels. It has the story lines of all three books crammed into a single movie. It seems to have a generally unique idea, a world of only Men, and everyone’s inner thoughts are visible and can be heard in “The Noise”. However the execution of this movie leaves more questions than it does any answers. So it becomes ‘Chaos Watching’…

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The Vast of Night Movie Review

Streaming Release: May 29, 2020 on Amazon Prime


“The Vast of Night” follows the nighttime adventures of two people in a very tiny town beset by mysteries. This is wonderful original science-fiction independent production that seems destined to be reaching for higher places. The setting is in the early 1950’s in a small town located in New Mexico. But the real heart of this film is in the fine line that it walks between homage to early TV shows (“The Twilight Zone”, “The Outer Limits”) and the nostalgic embrace of past eras — such as seen in “American Graffiti” and even “Stranger Things”.


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