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Author: JMcNaughton

Tomb Raider Movie Review

Better Title: Indiana Croft and the Raiders of TombLara Croft is the main character from a video game ‘Tomb Raider’. She shares many things in common with Indiana Jones. Both are adventurous treasure seekers, who travel all about the globe. Both have fathers who also were adventurous treasure seekers and both are handy with person weapon. With Indiana, it is his bullwhip; for Croft, she uses a bow and arrow. They fight evil people who are looking to harm the earth and its people. Indiana fights Nazis, and Croft faces off against an evil organization called Trinity.Lara (Alicia Vikander)...

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7 Days in Entebbe Movie Review

In July 1976 almost all people around the world were enjoying the upcoming U.S.A. Bicentennial celebrations. Except a handful who happened to be aboard an Air France jet that was hijacked in Athens. The jet left Israel and was taken over by Palestinian extremists and two German revolutionaries. The plane finally found safe passage into Uganda and landed in Entebbe. That country was led by a dictator named Idi Amain, and he gave the hijackers a place to stay. The Israeli government was backed into a corner, and something had to be done.The hijackers were from split between Palestinians...

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Gringo Movie Review

The movie “Gringo” finds a way to mix humor into a horrific kidnapping situation. When a timid middle-manager is sent to Mexico to oversee a large corporation laboratory, he gets mistaken for the guy in charge. And when the guy in charge is pulling a fast one on the local drug cartel, then the results might not be so pleasant for that guy. But can the tables be turned on the corporation bosses and the cartel kingpin? Harold (David Oyelowo) works for that large corporation which manufactures drugs. He is ignorant of many facts around him. His wife Bonnie (Thandie...

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2018 Academy Awards Winners List

2018 Academy Awards Winners ListThese are the winnersBest Picture    Call Me by Your Name    Darkest Hour    Dunkirk    Get Out    Lady Bird    Phantom Thread    The Post    The Shape of Water    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Best Director    Christopher Nolan – Dunkirk    Jordan Peele – Get Out    Greta Gerwig – Lady Bird    Paul Thomas Anderson – Phantom Thread    Guillermo del Toro – The Shape of Water Best Actor    Timothée Chalamet – Call Me by Your Name    Daniel Day-Lewis – Phantom Thread    Daniel Kaluuya – Get Out    Gary Oldman – Darkest Hour    Denzel Washington – Roman J. Israel Best Actress    Sally Hawkins – The Shape...

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Red Sparrow Movie Review

“Red Sparrow” is Russian spy craft for what could be called a ‘honey pot’. It is an enticing and intriguing person willing to bend to your every whim, only to double-cross and lead you into destruction. When a former ballerina becomes a Sparrow – then secrets, and blood, will likely be spilled. Hope you can get that carpet cleaned…Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence) is the ballet prima donna at the Russian ballet, until an unfortunate accident. With a bum leg, Dominika will no longer star in the ballet, and she will be tossed out of her place. Her mother will get...

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