The Vast of Night Movie Review

Streaming Release: May 29, 2020 on Amazon Prime


“The Vast of Night” follows the nighttime adventures of two people in a very tiny town beset by mysteries. This is wonderful original science-fiction independent production that seems destined to be reaching for higher places. The setting is in the early 1950’s in a small town located in New Mexico. But the real heart of this film is in the fine line that it walks between homage to early TV shows (“The Twilight Zone”, “The Outer Limits”) and the nostalgic embrace of past eras — such as seen in “American Graffiti” and even “Stranger Things”.


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Rootwood Movie Review

“Rootwood” appears to be a revised version of the old Creepy Classic – “The Blair Witch Project”. But this one is updated into the millennial generation, so would that make it “The Blair Witch Podcast”? Actually the two main characters begin with a podcast that explores the supernatural realm, so that is what this little independent movie is going for. But, if people remember that the original “Project” was a lot of suspense and moody atmosphere that resulted into not much of anything — then is that the best thing you can base your new project on?

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The Other Lamb Movie Review

“The Other Lamb” is an independent feature about a moody and dark place for a woman to exist. The places shown are wonderful scenes, but the people trapped inside this nightmare have no way out. It is a bit of “The Handmaid’s Tale”, taken and stirred with some real-life horrors from inside a weird cult. It is like Jim Jones or David Koresh heading up the ladies in the Amish headgear. But this movie gets deeper into a psychological horror imposed on the women in this ‘religious’ cult. And it ain’t pretty.

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Gold Dust Movie Review

“Gold Dust” is an independent gem of a movie. It is not Fool’s Gold by a long shot. It is quirky and wacky release for DVD and Video-on-Demand, but I think it should be in Great Demand. It concerns a pair of oddball treasure hunters roaming throughout the Southwest desert looking for treasure, but finding mostly nothing but trouble. If you took “No Country for Old Men” and crossed it with crazy comedy — like ‘The Odd Couple’, you might get close to this movie. It might not have a huge budget or have major studio backing, but is a worth while nugget to find in these forlorn times. Read more

The Hunt Movie Review

“The Hunt” is sure to get the ‘Radical Red State’ people and the ‘Blindly-Extreme Blue State’ folks all riled up. But for the rest of us, it will be a typical Action/Horror extravaganza. It takes the Black vs. White confrontation of “Get Out” and steers it into the Liberal vs. Conservative obstacle course. Read more

I Still Believe Movie Review

“I Still Believe” is a Christian themed story about a current Christian music star – Jeremy Camp – and the difficult journey he had with his wife, Melissa. Since this person is still around, the creators had Camp’s feedback and even his blessing on the way they tell his story. The story begins with him, but it ultimately gets back to his wife. She was stricken with a terrible physical burden and saw that it was lifted for a short time. Melissa then became ill once more, but her love and inspiration outlived her short experience on Earth.

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Wendy Movie Review

“Wendy” is an offbeat, yet charming little movie of childhood imaginations and not wanting to grow up. If that sounds familiar, then think of a different view of “Peter Pan”. What if that were told from perspective of Wendy? Now you are catching on! Read more

Burden Movie Review

“Burden” follows the life of a ‘good old boy’ Southerner named Mike Burden. Yet, he was not really all that good. He was fully ‘integrated’ into the dark side. He was a Ku Klux Klan member, and a bigoted racist with a chip on his shoulder. Read more