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The Boss Baby Movie Review

The Boss Baby Movie ReviewScore 79%Score 79%

Boss Baby is a new spin on the old tale of sibling rivalry.  DreamWorks starts this little story off by telling us of the life of one Tim Templeton.  The grown up Tim and narrator for the film, Toby Maguire, recants for us his childhood.  Tim spends his days in an incredibly vivid dream world where he may see a tent as a spaceship or a wagon as a police car, you know, that sort of thing.  Being an only child, he has his parent’s (voiced by Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow), undivided attention, particularly at bedtime when they tuck him in, read him some bedtime stories and sing him to sleep.  His life is perfect.  Perfect until the moment his baby brother (Baldwin) arrives, who proceeds to then ruin everything.  The baby has started taking over Tim’s once happy life.  His idyllic world begins to crumble as time with his parents slips away and even his precious bedtime stories and songs get cut down to a simple goodnight.  Boss Baby, as babies need love and attention, is seen, by Tim, as ruling over his parents and about to take them from him completely.

Keeping in mind that he has the most colorful imagination ever, his parents’ new offspring is a baby who speaks with a boorish attitude, dresses from head to toe in black and carries a briefcase.  He isn’t just a baby… he is up to something.  Tim, who is immediately suspicious of the baby, sees right away that the child is up to no good when he overhears him speaking on his toy phone to Baby Corp.  Tim may know this now, but how to prove it? 
Play dates become meetings that Boss Baby hosts.  He and his cohorts are from Baby Corp which is where babies come from.  Babies run down a conveyor belt and are routed to families who eagerly await their newborn.  Every now and again, a baby will be tagged to work in the head office, and Boss Baby is one of those special few.  He has now infiltrated Tim’s family because of where his parents work, Puppy Co. 
Baby Corp is losing the market on love to puppies and Puppy Co’s Francis Francis (Buscemi), who holds a long-time grudge against Baby Corp, is about to do something that will change the ‘puppy love versus love for a baby’ game forever.  Boss Baby lets Tim know the whole truth and now they must work together to stop Francis Francis.  Boss Baby promises that once the task is accomplished, he’ll move up to Baby Corp, get his own corner office and be out of Tim’s hair forever. 

There’s a lot of cute here.  It’s amusing the way we see things getting fast and furious for Tim with Boss Baby and his gang and then we cut to the point of view of the parents and everything is at a normal pace and fine.  I always appreciate the type of humor in animated films that execute a good balancing act of G and PG to be smart in thinking of its entire audience. 

Everyone in the family will like Boss Baby for what is aimed at them.  Everything appears to be meant for kids but the true humor soars over their heads and strikes the intended target directly; the parents.  That is always clever.  There are a lot of resourceful, imaginative and fun ideas put to use here.  It’s a good cast and the animation is delightful.  Some moments are a bit over the top or weren’t ever necessary but in the end, it pretty well evens out.  See it at the theatre if you can. 

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The Boss Baby Movie Review


Summary A suit-wearing briefcase-carrying baby pairs up with his seven-year old brother to stop the dastardly plot of the CEO of Puppy Co.
Directed by: Tom McGrath. Starring: Alec Baldwin, Tobey Maguire, Lisa Kudrow, Steve Buscemi, Miles Bakshi and Jimmy Kimmel


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