SERVANT Episode One Season Two Review

‘Servant,’ Season 2, will be ten episodes spread out from today, January 15th, to March 19th. The wait will be painful but, thankfully, not as long as the delay between Seasons 1 & 2.

Thank you for that, Covid-19! If you watched the first season, you undoubtedly cursed the pandemic, not only for what it did to your private and work life but for making the wait between seasons almost unbearable. If you’ve never seen ‘Servant,’ I suggest you binge it immediately. If you want a drama mixed in a good thrill and a feeling of uneasiness, the creative minds of M. Night Shyamalan and Tony Basgallop deliver exactly what you desire. You get what they’re best at, edge of your seat excitement with a touch of invigorating paranoia. So far, the series is an excellent education for filmmakers on how to keep an audience fascinated and engaged.

For those who haven’t seen it, ‘Servant’ is filled with well written and thought-out characters that are easy to get to know. Even as each episode goes back and forth from past to the present day, each is introduced in a way that makes it effortless for you to get to know and understand their place in the storyline.
And the first episode of Season 2 picks up exactly where the first season left off, which is why I suggest binging the entire thing as quickly as you can to play catch up and see how well marrying the two seasons was done. The only difference is that this new episode has a bit more humor than we’ve previously seen. Very unique to a television show, you’ll also appreciate how they didn’t deviate from the original plan of educating you on Sean’s culinary techniques and on wines, of which you may now become an expert as if having taken a class.



Season 2 Episode 1, is still primarily set in the Turner brownstone. The Turner’s are Sean (Toby Kebbel) and Dorothy, played by ‘Six Feet Under’ actress Lauren Ambrose. There is no plan to change the location as it has now become a significant character of the show. Every room, each flight, the wine cellar, the front and back doors all have something to say about the grieving parents who share the home with them. Season 1 slowly reveals how Sean and Dorothy’s son, Jericho, died in a heartbreaking accident caused by Dorothy, who has since not forgiven herself. To start the healing process, her therapist Natalie (Jerrika Hinton), gives her a ‘Reborn Doll’ she can mother until she comes around to the reality that her child is no longer alive. Everyone coddles her, even her brother Julian, Rupert Grint from ‘Harry Potter’ fame. Is this really good for her?
Enter Nanny Leanne Grayson, played by Nell Tiger Free of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Dive into Season 1 to see how everything revolving around her is a big mystery, on the mythical or supernatural side. I can’t tell you much more without giving away too much of why this is so good except this; the doll becomes a real infant. What? How? Exactly! Did she have the baby in a bag when she arrived, and it’s really hers, or is it something more sinister or magical? What is going on in this show?!?



The episode, still only a half-hour, starts with Dorothy looking for Jericho, now a real child, who she believes has been kidnapped by the also missing nanny. She runs frantically through the house and ends up calling the police, which is an issue, obviously. Those same police, who came out when the child was found dead. Everyone knows of the baby’s death; how is he suddenly missing? Sean does his best to make it look as though she’s on the touched side, so they don’t suspect anything. No matter how the police visit goes, Dorothy is going to find him, and even Sean desires to do so suddenly.
Then it’s uncovered that Leanne’s aunt and uncle are members of a cult, and the young parents fear this is who has their child. They want him back. With ‘Missing Person’ flyers in hand, Dorothy finds it best to search for Leanne, who is young and might make a mistake on her whereabouts. Ambrose is so good in the episode, you can see that not only is her character developing, but her skills as an actress are improving, as well. With Dorothy, she has completely reinvented herself. After he, a chef, loses his sense of taste in the first season, Sean may now have leprosy. We’ll know in due time, I guess. The show drags a little in the middle, but not enough to distract from your enjoyment of the overall entertainment.

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Servant Season 2; Episode 1

Creators: Tony Basgallop
Writers: Tony Basgallop, Nina Braddock
Stars: Toby Kebbel, Lauren Ambrose, Nell Tiger Free, Jerrika Hinton, and Rupert Grint

Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery


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