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Peter Pan is a story we have most likely all read or seen in one way or another. It was written by a Scottish novelist and playwright, J. M. Barrie. It’s about a boy who never grew up and never wanted to. He spends his time flying and playing with mermaids and irritating pirates.

He plays with Native American children, like Tiger Lily, played by Canadian actress Alyssa Wapanatâhk who often speaks in her native Cree. Life is all about fun. These adventures Peter is having, well, who’d want to give that up? He also likes to go to the real world. His trips there mean he can have ordinary children, who have read about Neverland, see him as their exceptional and extraordinary friend. Especially pretty young women like Wendy.


I’ve never read the play or seen any version of Peter Pan outside of the Disney film from 1953. Reading trivia on IMDB regarding the ’53 version of the film made this “Peter Pan & Wendy” version make a little more sense to me.

I read, Though the film was a modest success, Walt Disney himself was dissatisfied with the finished product, feeling that the character of Peter Pan was cold and unlikable. However, experts on J.M. Barrie praise this as a success. They insist that Pan was originally written to be a heartless sociopath. Barrie knew this character was selfish, unkind, and very self-absorbed.

As shocking as that was to read, you see while watching “Peter Pan and Wendy” that Peter (Alexander Molony) isn’t the sweetheart you may have once thought he was. You see it as plain as day. Captain Hook (Jude Law) may be the way he is because he got the short end of the stick when all was said and done.

No one has ever shown the audience what Hook’s problem with Peter Pan has always been. Here, the writers tell us precisely what the issue is between the two.


But taking on and answering the question makes this film very dark. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it for the really little ones. I’m actually surprised it wasn’t rated PG-13 with how ugly these two enemies get and how terrifying and traumatic the pirate crew is to the children. The lyrics of a song they sing are bewilderingly vulgar.

With some pixie dust from Tinker Bell (Yara Shahidi), Peter has kids flying with him. These children will most assuredly get shot at by the famous Captain Hook. That’s exactly what happens. What would he do if they were shot? I guess they’ll get the fight for their life and from Peter a, “Good luck!” It doesn’t seem like Peter is this spiteful on the surface. Still, he gets everyone into difficult situations, not necessarily getting them out of that trouble. Luckily, he has accumulated enough pals to be helpful when he needs assistance.


At one point, we learn that Peter and Captain Hook, James, were best friends. They aren’t friends anymore because James simply wanted to grow up. He had to leave. When he did, he left his friend alone, something Peter Pan never forgave him for. Peter became somewhat hateful and indifferent. He banishes James, who then never gets to see his mother again. This made James a bitter, evil man.


Peter tells Wendy of what happened between him and James. She suggests that it’s time Peter grew up, too. He’s not interested. He’s safe. He tells her nothing will happen to him if he stays. She gives him the ultimate words he needs to hear, what will you become if you leave? Maybe Peter Pan is missing out on the best adventure ever!


In “Peter Pan & Wendy,” the swordplay is intense, and the acting is incredible. Ever Anderson and Alexander Molony have some compassionate scenes together, handling them well. Jude Law couldn’t have been better. Keep your eyes on Jim Gaffigan as Hook’s “Yes” man, Mr. Smee. Tootles (Caelan Edie), who wants to keep Michael’s bear when the child is executed, adds a lot of comedy to the storm brewing on the ship. The score is epic. You could close your eyes, listen, and you’d love it for the music alone.



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Peter Pan & Wendy 


Directed by: David Lowery
Written by: David Lowery, Toby Halbrooks (Screenplay), J.M. Barrie (Novel)
Starring: Jude Law, Alexander Molony, Ever Anderson, Yara Shahidi, Alyssa Wapanatâhk, Joshua Pickering, Jacobi Jupe, Molly Parker, Alan Tudyk, Jim Gaffigan


Rated: PG (Peril|Violence|Thematic Elements)
Run Time: 1h 46m
Genres: Comedy, Kids & Family, Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Produced by: James Whitaker
Distributed by: Distributor: Disney+


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I'll be watching tonight. What I find quite interesting is the number is the number of so called critics who compare a 2023 live action film to its 1953 animated version. Simply based on the fact that it was produced by tthe same studio rather than the plot and story by writer J. M. Barrie. To get the best understanding of Peter Pan without reading is to watch Peter Pan 1924.

1 year ago
Full Film???
Yes, the 1924 original and first silent film based on the book by J. M. Barrie. Another good Pan movie for Peter Pan fans, while very different, is Finding Neverland (2004). It is about what inspired J. M. Barrie to write Peter Pan.
1 year ago