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The question of the day is, how do I get you to watch ‘Come Play’ without giving away too much of the movie. That’s a tall order, but I’ll at least say this to get you to watch; it’s frighteningly efficient at doing what it was created to do; scare the hell out of you without being gross. ​

Not only is it disturbingly good at shaking you up, but it’s imaginative in the way it goes about that task. See me as being here to warn you of an invader who lurks on the other side of all electronic devices intending to penetrate from his side to ours, possibly.



Based on a 2017 short film, ‘Come Play,’ is a movie about a character named Larry from an Ebook called ‘Misunderstood Monsters.’ A note from me to you; if you come across this tale, DO NOT READ IT!! Oliver, Azhy Robertson from Noah Baumbach’s ‘Marriage Story,’ who’s autistic and unable to speak, doesn’t listen to his inner alarm bells going off and continues reading when he comes across the book. Larry wants a friend, and his plight intrigues the young boy as his illness often makes him feel as if he, too, is misunderstood. Oliver, up at night as his parents’ sleep, takes in the information about Larry on his tablet. This tablet, or a phone, is also what he uses to answer questions in class. These devices are his best forms of communication. What they quickly become is Larry’s best form of communication, as well. Having already been introduced to Oliver by his interest in seeing if Larry will find the new friend he longs for, Larry now sees through any device Oliver uses to continue browsing through this newly discovered fantasy. Yes. The screens are windows Larry peers through. He uses them to spy on you and keep watch for a way out of his world and into yours. Did I say yours? I mean Oliver’s, of course.



As I’ve previously mentioned, Oliver, who can only speak using grunts and moans, desperately needs a phone or tablet to dialogue. He’s always picked on quite horrifically and made fun of for this by kids at school. Soon after learning about Larry, Oliver’s phone is thrown out by those same kids, who lure him into a trap. Oliver wants a buddy so severely; he falls for the ruse. Larry observes all of this. Being the intelligent entity that he is, he realizes that Oliver is the real world’s version of himself. He doesn’t want his pal to be victimized. Well, not in this realm, at least.
Larry’s Ebook continues to unfold in various parts of the film. Not only as Oliver reads it but as the kids at school do and his parents do.
Something eerie always happens as they scroll through the fable. This something is how Larry obtains his energy. An example of this is emphasized in a spine-chilling scene where Oliver’s mother Sarah, played by actress Gillian Jacobs from TV’S ‘Community,’ encounters Larry in a way that conjures memories from previous horror flicks. The type of films that bring the creepiest characters from fiction to fact in a way that doesn’t disappoint.



If you like scary movies at all, see this movie! You must. I’m already planning to watch it again the first moment I can. It’s perfectly timed for its release, so get ready for a fun, entertaining, and visionary horror film. ‘Come Play’ uses incredible jump scares. To a certain extent, it also uses the power of the viewer’s mind to put themselves in place of the protagonist in the most creative way. Thinking someone is experiencing terrorizing episodes is one thing. Going through them yourself, as you watch, is quite another. You’re reading the book along with the characters. You’re afraid for them and yourself. The noises you hear alert you of a strange presence, as they do the individuals in the movie. You don’t want to look, as Oliver and his family must. But you will. They’ve discovered that the easiest way to find him is to hold up a device that has a camera on it and scan the room for his whereabouts. Luckily, you can look away, right? Larry hasn’t jumped into your house from YOUR screen. Or has he? You better watch ‘Come Play’ and find out what happened to him. Did he get away, or is he watching you right now?



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Come Play


Director: Jacob Chase

Writers: Jacob Chase

Stars: Azhy Robertson, Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr.

Run Time: 96 minutes

Rating: PG-13

Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery


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