Bingo Hell Movie Review

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“Bingo Hell” is wacky little horror movie out of the Blumhouse Brand, which means that is will have a low budget and a high potential. In this small but close-knit community of low income, people-of-color have a new unwanted guest in the neighborhood. And these local folks don’t like the smell of brimstone…




Oak Springs is a run-down spot on map. It is full of poor but proud people, most whom have lived there all their lives. Now some rich Yuppie types are moving in and shutting down all the local business. The most important one is the Oak Springs Community Center. It is run by Mario (played by David Jensen). But nobody has seen him lately. They don’t know that he sold the place over to a mysterious man for a suitcase of cash. They also don’t know that Mario keeled over after making the deal, and now he is dead on the floor.


So when the next night Bingo Game is held, everyone is surprised to see the Center is under new management. Three older ladies in the neighborhood decide to check it out. Lupita (played by Adriana Barraza) and Dolores (played by L. Scott Caldwell) and Yolanda (played by Bertila Damas) go there, along with some other older men. Clarence (played by Grover Coulson) and Morris (played by Clayton Landey) are pals who would love to strike it rich.


But they are shocked to see the changes made overnight. The Community Center has been turned into “Mr. Big’s Bingo Hall”. It is loud and garish and totally obnoxious. It does not fit into the local neighborhood at all. And just who runs this monstrosity? Why of course it is run by Mr. Big (played by Richard Brake). He is a creepy guy with creepy plans for the residents. But he knows that most people there are “Ready to Play the Game”!


Dolores sees her daughter-in-law Raquel (played by Kelly Murtagh) winning a lot of money. She lives with Dolores along with her son Caleb (played by Joshua Caleb Johnson). After she wins, she leaves everything behind, and she winds up dead (like Mario did earlier). Caleb runs way and meets Eric (played by Jonathan Medina) who is also from the ‘hood. Eric was friends with Caleb’s father before, you know, that thing happened. Eric is a druggie, who works hard every day to stay clean.


More and more people are winning at the Bingo Hall, and Mr. Big has a ‘wicked’ presentation style. He makes a promise of riches and wealth, without saying what the actual price might be. Is it the cost of your soul? Mr. Big never gets into the little things, because he knows the Devil is in the details!


Clarence wins in the Game, but pays a great price later. Lupita is ready to beat the Devil at his own game (so to speak). But all of her backup (Dolores, Yolanda and Morris) have come under the spell of Mr. Big. They are at the tables, ready to play and ready to win. The Bingo Hall has turned the residents into brainless dummies ready to mark a sheet on the way to win BINGO. Only Caleb and Lupita have the brain-power (and the firepower) to fend off Mr. Big…


“Bingo Hell” is very nicely done horror/comedy that makes great use of the small (but talented) cast. The concept is very wacky, and to see how it plays out is a lot of fun. Richard Brake has a great time playing the evil wicked presence of Mr. Big who wants to take over the small town (and all their souls). Adriana Barraza is also good Lupita, as she becomes the kick-ass Grandma everyone would love to have…


Now sit down and shut up – Mr. Big is about to call out another number!


Streaming on Amazon Prime starting Oct. 1, 2021

Bingo Hell

Directed by: Gigi Saul Guerrero
Screenplay by: Gigi Saul Guerrero, Shane McKenzie, Perry Blackshear
Starring: Adriana Barraza, L. Scott Caldwell, Joshua Caleb Johnson
Cinematography: Byron Werner
Edited by: Andrew Wesman
Production: Blumhouse Television, Luchagore Productions
Distributed by: Amazon Studios
Release date: October 1, 2021
Running time: 85 minutes
Genre: Horror, Comedy


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