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PHOENIX (October 28, 2020) – Arizona based Cloudburst Entertainment’s upcoming comedy, THE COMEBACK TRAIL, to take center stage as the Opening Night Film at the 20th Anniversary of the Phoenix Film Festival on Thursday, November 12th, 7:30 pm at Harkins Theatres Scottsdale/101.


The Festival’s Opening Night celebration of cinematic excellence brings together valley tastemakers, film enthusiasts, and filmmakers to discover all that is new in the world of film. “Any time you have the chance to kick off the festival with a comedy, particularly with a cast like this, you jump at it. It should be a fun night!” says Executive Director Jason Carney. Cloudburst Entertainment’s upcoming release, THE COMEBACK TRAIL, directed by George Gallo stars Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones, Zach Braff, and Emile Hirsch.


“We are thrilled to show THE COMEBACK TRAIL to our local Phoenix Community. With an amazing cast and a fun story that everyone will enjoy, The Comeback Trail is the perfect antidote to what our community and country have gone through the last several months,” said Steve Fedyski, Cloudburst Entertainment CEO/Managing Partner. “We look forward to releasing uplifting and meaningful movies in years to come.”



Opening Night Tickets are now on sale.

Tickets are $25. All proceeds benefit the Phoenix Film Foundation’s education programs.

Purchase tickets at

The Phoenix Film Festival is a program of the 501c3 non-profit Phoenix Film Foundation.

The 2020 Phoenix Film Festival is a live event with CinemaSafe Protocols in place.

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In debt to the mob and in need of a new money-making scheme to save his skin, greedy grind-house film producer, Max Barber, (Robert De Niro) decides to produce a dangerous new film, all for the sake of killing his lead actor in a stunt so he can rake in the insurance money. But when he casts Duke Montana, (Tommy Lee Jones) an aging, washed-up movie star as the lead, Max never expects the depressed old drunk to be revitalized by being in front of the camera again. Unable to kill Duke in a basic stunt, Max ups the stakes, putting Duke into ever more dangerous situations. And as Duke survives stunt after stunt, Max unwittingly starts making the best movie of his career.




About Cloudburst Entertainment:

Birthed by a group of passionate industry professionals, the Cloudburst Entertainment family yearns to offer a unique film distribution experience to filmmakers and audiences around the globe. Committed to doing business fairly and communicating with frankness and transparency, Cloudburst Entertainment wishes to help filmmakers succeed in executing their vision with excellence and reaching the right audience–while ensuring profitability for everyone. With a strong desire to build a community of filmmakers dedicated to partnership and advancement, Cloudburst Entertainment also looks forward to engaging audiences with powerful, transformational stories that showcase the brightness of the human spirit and lend strength, hope, love, and courage to people in all walks of life.


Film’s website: 



George Gallo & Josh Posner (screenplay)

*Based on a film by Harry Hurwitz 



George Gallo 


Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones, Zach Braff and Emile Hirsch

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