Phoenix Film Festival 2022 Copper Wing Award Winners

The Phoenix Film Festival awarded the 2022 Copper Wing Awards as part of the closing night events for this year’s film festival.


Awards were given out in thirty different categories for both the Phoenix Film Festival and the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival.

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The Phoenix Film Festival is TWO DAYS AWAY! Here’s some information and MORE!

This year’s festival is coming off the year that wasn’t. Thanks to the spread of Covid-19 in 2020, flights were canceled, restaurants and bars weren’t serving, films halted production, schools closed their doors and we all stayed home.


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Reunion! Filmmakers from Previous Appearances at the PHOENIX FILM FESTIVAL are returning for this 20th Anniversary Year!


Filmmakers who participated in previous years of the Phoenix Film Festival are returning for the festival’s 20thAnniversaryReunionwhere their films will be shown once again!


‘Eight years ago, my movie premiered at the Phoenix Festival and audiences fell in love with it. It’s really special to be invited back. It feels like coming home’ said filmmaker Gary King, director of ‘How Do You Write A Joe Shermann Song.’


Patrick Hogan, the director of the film ‘Pope Dreams’ said about the festival, ‘In my career as a filmmaker, I’ve attended well over 40 film festivals with both feature films and short films, and bringing my feature film ‘Pope Dreams’ to the Phoenix Film Festival was one of my all-time favorite memories on the festival circuit. Everything about the experience, from the staff and volunteers to the other filmmakers, amazing audiences, and wide selection of quality films screening at the festival, was wonderful.’


‘Phoenix was the first festival we ever got into, and the first time we were able to experience our film with an audience. We couldn’t be more thrilled to return and have the opportunity to share it with an audience again,’ quotes filmmakers Jordan Horowitz and Frank Ferendo, the directors of the documentary ‘Angel of Nanjing.’


Below is the list of films and filmmakers that will be making their return at the festival:


“45 RPM” – Juli Jackon

“Angel of Nanjing” – Jordan Horowitz

“Dakota Skye” – John Humber

“Drawing with Chalk” – Christopher Springer

“How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song” – Gary King

“Life Inside Out” – Jill D’Agnencia

“Netherbeast Incorporated” – Brian Ronalds

“Pope Dreams” – Patrick Hogan

“Ten Til Noon” – Paul Osborne & Scott Storm



Tickets for the Phoenix Film Festival are currently available for purchase at Ticket prices are $15 for a single ticket; $45 for a flex pass, good for any 4 films showing at the film festival excluding opening and closing night films; $120 for a Super Flex Pass, good for any 10 films showing at the festival; $200 for a Festival Pass; $400 for a VIP pass; and $450 for a Platinum Pass.

For more information, call 480-513-3195 or go to

Opening Date

March 26th – April 5th