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At the beginning of the film, we’re given some stats that come into play later, which you’ll need to keep in mind. We get this information out of a quote from the Martha Stout book, ‘The Sociopath Next Door.’

We learn that ‘One in twenty-five individuals are sociopathic and will believe their own direct lies.’ Most likely because of the times we’re living through today where elected leaders always lie directly to the American people, we’re then shown a Richard Nixon quote. That quote is, ‘I was not lying… I said things that later on seemed to be untrue.’ Sociopath.

‘The Mimic’ is based on a true story. Actor Thomas Sadoski from ‘The Newsroom,’ plays ‘the Narrator,’ a widower. He meets a new, much younger neighbor, known in the movie as ‘the Kid,’ (Jake Robinson). The Kid is married and a new member of the town’s newspaper staff. The film starts in a rather intriguing way. The Narrator and we are puzzled as to why The Kid starts showing up everywhere the Narrator goes. There’s a lot of comical dialogue thrown in with VoiceOver as we get to know their characters more and figure out where we are being led.




We’re soon set up with the notion that the Kid is a sociopath for whom the Narrator needs to understand more deeply. He goes to the library to get all the information he can about precisely the type of sociopath the young man could be. The Narrator goes to great lengths to find out the Kid’s mental stability by, for one, going out to eat with him, where they get into a discussion about that very subject. The Narrator openly informs the Kid that he thinks he’s a sociopath, who then turns it around, questioning whether they both are. Once he learns he’s married, he desires the Kid’s wife because if someone would want the Kid surely, she’d like him! The men end up in the hospital together for a while, where he sees his younger counterpart’s wife and panics, thinking he doesn’t look good enough for her to meet him quite yet, so he hides.




At this point, we, out of the blue, jump to a scene where M. Emmet Walsh and Doug Plaut play the Director and Writer, respectively, of the film we’re watching. They stop it for a moment to discuss how the scene in the hospital should advance. It was rather amusing, I’ll admit, but pointless.

This type of odd behavior from characters throughout the film often entertains and makes one laugh. However, for the most part, it’s confusing, off-putting, and you aren’t sure what to think of it when it happens. Most importantly, where it fits into the larger narrative. Clearly, it was put in because the script lack of substance.




Several scenes are humorous on their own, but they simply slow down the pace of the film, adding nothing. They are creative and intelligent, but the film, as a whole, may have been better without them. Based solely on the quickly spat out dialogue, it’s clear that ‘The Mimic’ is meant to be peculiar and unconventional. I can see it building a particular following, but the everyday filmgoer may find it disorganized and confusing.

I didn’t but based on who was in this film, I wanted to love it. Outside of the actors already mentioned making an appearance are Jessica Walter, Marilu Henner, and Didi Conn. Gina Gershon shows up before it’s all over, as well. For them, I wish I had liked the movie more than I did.



‘The Mimic’ isn’t very long, so if you’re curious, it’s worth giving a try to see if it’s your style. Again, the performances alone will create a certain following for it, and you just might be a member of the audience for which it was intended. I think anyone could have been had the movie been more focused. Luckily for the flick and you, the two leading men take most of the nonsensical exchanges between them and turn them into a reason to be glad you stumbled across the film. However, it will all depend on whether you can keep up with their tempo, which is key to your enjoyment. Good luck!




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The Mimic



Director: Thomas F. Mazziotti
Writers: Thomas F. Mazziotti
Stars: Thomas Sadoski, Jake Robinson, Austin Pendleton, Gina Gershon, Jessica Walter, Marilu Henner, M. Emmet Walsh, Jessica Keenan Wynn, Josh Pais, Matthew Maher and Didi Conn
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 1h 21m
Genre: Comedy




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