Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Movie Review

“Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” is nifty little animated production that shows you DC Comics can ‘extend their universe’ by creating a comical superhero movie. These smaller teenaged versions of superheroes can deliver a decent production with some pretty pointed jabs at the big boys (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, etc.). Based on the Cartoon Network animated show, this team of small fry heroes will grab a rung on the ladder that is the DC Franchise, and pull them selves up to the — well maybe not exactly to the top, but it will be close…

All the Teen Titans are led by a young Robin (Scott Menville), known mostly as Batman’s sidekick. But he is joined by other young kids with special powers. There is Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) who can transform into any type of wild beast or animal. There is Cyborg (Khary Payton) who a mechanical human with high-tech powers. Also part of the team are Raven (Tara Strong) who is a half-human, half-demon sorceress and also Starfire (Hynden Walch) – an alien Tamaranian princess with super-human powers. They all hang out together and wait to fight crime.

But because of their ages and size, the regular superheroes never give them much of a chance. The last straw for Robin is when he finds out all the other superheroes are getting their own movie. Even Batman’s butler is going to get a new movie! The producer and director of the big movies is Jade Wilson(Kristen Bell). They all attempt to persuade Wilson to get them into a movie. But she refuses, because they do not have super arch-nemesis. That is someone who is planning for an evil world-changing event – so if they find someone like that and stop that evil-doer, well then, maybe a movie would be in order. 

The next thing you know is that the Teen Titans cross paths with a major super villain who has a complex maniacal plan to rule the people of Earth. This fiend is none other than Deadp… opps, sorry – it just looks a lot like him – This fiend is none other than Slade (Will Arnett). Slade is going to brainwash the whole world into doing his bidding; causing mayhem in the street, robbing banks, disarming police stations, and picking him at the airport on short notice…

Jade Wilson then starts to make the movie about the Teen Titans. But wires get crossed and loyalties get tested. Wilson gets rid of team and only wants to work with and use Robin. But are there some underlying nefarious things that are going on? Is Slade somehow in involved to divide the Teen Titans team and get Robin to deliver some final piece of Slade’s ultimate Earth take-over plan… Will the Teen Titans be able to overcome any differences and unite to fight off a bad dude and prevent global chaos?

This movie is a light and breezy treat of DC Comics cotton candy, as opposed to the usual DCEU movies that are dark foreboding meals of burnt steak and thick ale. But it is more fun to see something fun, so this version could attract a decent audience beyond just kids and teenagers. However, there are plenty of fart and poop jokes. So that way you do not forget that the target is for kids and teenagers. The whole DC Universe is given a nice satirical look, and it evens gets a big NON-DC player into the act. (Enough with the cameos, Stan Lee!)

The voice acting is right on target, and the colors and images on screen are all very vivid. Most of the character voices are from the TV series, but a few big names are brought in. Kristen Bell does a good job with Jade Wilson, and Will Arnett is totally funny when he is voicing Slade. There is also a wonderful bit of trivia cameo. Back in the 80’s Nicolas Cage was considered for the role as Superman. But now, Cage does get a chance to lend his voice-over to get this done. Good job, Teen Titans! You have righted a wrong in this universe!

tmc.io contributor: JMcNaughton

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