Sing 2 Movie Review


I have to admit to you right now that there’s one negative comment I have to make about “Sing 2.” My main criticism of the movie is that it was disappointingly too much like the first film. ​
I hate to tell you this, but the storyline isn’t all that original. Even so, it’s still a good movie, and the efforts of all who are involved make it worth watching. We get a chance to be reminded of how much we love Bono and we’re left in awe of how talented the other stars are as they show off their beautiful singing voices. Surprisingly, many of the cast members from the first film are here again, with some new ones to amaze and impress. The premise of the characters trying to make an impression through a musical audition is here, but there’s one significant change this time. That’s the city that they venture to in the hopes of getting a big show produced. They’re in, well, their version of Vegas. Per usual, Buster (McConaughey) wants to move up to the big time, so he and the gang head to the big city for a chance to sell his idea of a show to Jimmy Crystal (Cannavale). Crystal, a very wealthy and short-tempered wolf, isn’t the nicest of chaps and also isn’t buying what Buster is selling. However, when Buster learns that Crystal loves a certain Clay Calloway, played by U2’s Bono, he tells a bit of a fib to get Crystal’s attention. He promises that Calloway is a part of his show.


Crystal loves nothing more than the idea of selling out an arena again and knows that Calloway is the very thing he needs to get back into the public’s good graces. For Crystal, the opportunity to drive in the crowds again is all well and fine, but Buster knows that even he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Calloway is a famous misanthrope and recluse who doesn’t want to be bothered and most likely won’t help with Buster’s dream of putting on a hit show. Never one to give up, Buster does his best to ferret out the lonely lion and finally manages to find him, though Calloway isn’t friendly upon the visit. During all of this, as before, the incredible cast of adorable and amusing animals are singing to their heart’s content, Scarlett Johansson’s porcupine Ash especially. We’re even treated to a new song by U2 called “Your Song Saved My Life.” It’s outstanding and is used ideally, to sum up the character of Clay Calloway. Run and listen to it the first chance you get.


“Sing 2” will be in theaters today, Wednesday, December 22. It’s a flawless movie to watch with the whole family this holiday season. There isn’t one reason not to see this. It doesn’t get any better than watching these well-thought-out characters do what it takes to live the lives they were meant to live by never giving up and always believing in themselves. The big lesson to learn is that they regularly manage to help one another triumph, as well, on the journey to their own success.
By the way, I’m guessing a third film is in the works at this very moment. I’d be shocked if it weren’t.


Sing 2


Directed by: Garth Jennings
Written by: Garth Jennings
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Nick Kroll, Bobby Cannavale, Halsey, Bono, Eric André


Rated: PG
Run Time: 1h 52m
Genres: Comedy, Animation, Adventure


Rating contributor: ShariK.Green tmc
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