Pink: All I Know So Far Film Review

‘All I Know So Far’ was directed by Michael Gracey of ‘The Greatest Showman.’ ​
If you liked the flair and overall tone of that film, you’ll more or less feel it here. That said, this is a documentary, that gives you an opportunity to get to know Alecia Beth Moore, better known as the award-winning performer and musician P!NK, during the European leg of her ‘Beautiful Trauma World Tour.’ The cinematography by David Spearing was proficient and comprehensive. He had been granted onstage and backstage access, as well as admittance to Pink’s life behind the scenes. He recorded her in her hotels, on the bus and with her children in practically every situation imaginable. Gracey interviewed Pink when possible, leaving extraordinarily little out.


In the film, we get a sneak peek at Pink juggling an abundance of responsibilities. She does this very well. She deals with the choreography as she manages her 225 singers, dancers, and a variety of performers, plus members of her crew, all while holding her day-to-day life together. She’s also thinking of her own and her family’s health, keeping what’s ultimately good for them (both physically and mentally) in the back of her mind. At the same time, she’s thinking of ways for the next show to be better than the last.


Though you love the moments when you hear one of your favorite Pink songs blast from the speakers, you’ll appreciate listening to her talk about her daughter Willow Sage Hart and son Jameson Moon Hart even more. When this was shot, Willow and Jameson were eight and two, respectively. She wants to make each show memorable for everyone who walks in a stadium to see her perform, but she keeps her children with her, so they have the memories, as well. Pink is making sure they know her inside and out. She already feels incredibly close to her daughter, even referring to her as her Soul Child. However, does admit that Jameson is a male version of Pink herself. Watching them during this feature, you’ll see that her kids are already preparing for a life on stage, getting an education one could only dream of seizing.


From the perspective of the performers and crew, you can tell she’s a delight to work for. Some moments when Pink speaks of and to her dancers can be compared to watching Madonna as she addressed hers in the documentary ‘Truth or Dare.’ The main difference would be that Pink doesn’t lecture to her performers. She comes from a place of love, pitching ideas to them and taking advice, whereas Madonna always let her underlings know who was boss and that she was to be seen as the only voice that mattered; theirs did not. Pink makes sure that the members of her team feel like family because she sees them that way.


*Pink is resilient. I use that word for a reason, so keep it in mind. It’s a sweet and memorable scene.

She cares about her audience, she cares about those who work for her and those who help make her a better person. She says a quick prayer with everyone before each show, thanking them for their hard work. Someone with her smudges her before each show, as well, making sure to cleanse her and the stage from any negative vibrations that could be lingering. Then, she gets on stage at Wembley. The crowd is having a great time.


This film offers you the chance to observe Pink as she performs vocal warmups and as she prepares for a show; you get closeups of her during and everything that comes after. As she sings her hit song ‘So What,’ she flips, twists, tumbles and twirls high above the crowd as they go wild. I found it particularly fascinating that she got the idea of doing acrobats during a performance from watching the performers behind Cher when she saw Cher on stage years ago. When Pink heard that it’s impossible to sing while upside down, she saw it as a challenge and proved everyone wrong. Boy, does she ever! It’s this attitude that has earned her a following and legions of fans who will be by her side forever.


*Stay and watch the credits for a lot more, especially the reason why she will never again shout out the name of the city that is hosting her!


P!nk: All I Know So Far


Director: Michael Gracey
Writers: Jory Anast, Michael Gracey, Cindy Mollo, Pink
Stars: Pink, Carey Hart, Willow Sage Hart
Not Rated
Run Time: 1h 39m
Genres: Documentary, Biography, Music


Rating contributor: ShariK.Green tmc
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