Once Upon a Deadpool

With the title and the time of its release, did expect to get something relating to Christmas in the film. This did not happen unless you count a Santa hanging on the wall as Christmas. That said, I guess to fans of the film, and of the genre, it’ll be seen as a Christmas gift. But if you want to see it, you better hurry! It’s only playing in theatres starting today December 12th until Christmas Eve. You have twelve days to see this present from Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) to You.

What you’re getting is a bedtime story being read to actor Fred Savage. Savage awakens, essentially on the set of the film ‘The Princess Bride.’ In that film, he’s a child who spends his time in bed listening to the tale of an adventure that’s being read to him by his grandfather. This time he’s tied up in that same bed, or a reasonable facsimile, being forced to lay there and hear a Deadpool narrative delivered to him by Deadpool himself. The story is a PG-13 version of ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Deadpool 2,’ concentrating more on ‘Deadpool 2’ where he, creates his own team of rogue mutants to save a young mutant from himself and from Cable (Josh Brolin) who has come from the future to end his terror before it can begin. The film expands on the Deadpool character and introduces several cherished Marvel superheroes and villains who every comic fan will remember.

In ‘Once Upon a Deadpool,’ the Fred Savage scenes more than makeup for what Fox had to do to keep it feature length after gutting and removing what made it Rated R in the first place. The F-bombs and the extreme violence are replaced with acceptable words and with story time explanations as to what is missing. At this time, Deadpool reveals to Savage that he’s unable to cuss and why. That in a PG-13 film, you’re only allowed one F-word, 2 shits and one glass of wine. As he discloses more of the rules and continues on with the story, there’s some hysterical back and forth, as I’m sure you had no doubt there would be. You’re essentially seeing ‘Deadpool 2’ with interjections of hilarity.

So why do this? Reynolds would only agree to it if one dollar from every ticket sold went to the charity, ‘Fuck Cancer,’ or to keep it family friendly, ‘Fudge Cancer.’ When you’re choosing a movie to see, keep that in mind. But why restructure a successful film and retell it as a PG-13? The simple answer is, so you can take your children to see one of your favorite superheroes! The character is foul-mouthed, and the violence is over the top in this franchise but with this version, Fox proves that it doesn’t need to be. However, I wouldn’t worry that they’ll change Deadpool if a third film is made. It took a lot of convincing to get Reynolds to agree to this in the first place.

*Stay through to the very end because, after the credits roll, there’s a loving tribute to Stan Lee.

tmc contributor: ShariK.Green
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