Late Night with the Devil

Late Night with the Devil Movie Review

“Late Night with the Devil” is a great little horror movie about Late Night TV, back in the day. The setting is a small network TV show, back in 1977. This ‘documentary’ approach tells the spooky tale of a Halloween night episode. The guests and audience for this night of ‘Must See TV’ have no idea of the utter chaos that is about to erupt.


The start is told by the Narrator (voiced by Michael Ironside) to set up the story of the TV show and the host. The late night TV was dominated by Johnny Carson back then. But the upstart network has a competitor in Jack Delroy (played by David Dastmalchian). His show is a bit more edgy than Carson, and he wants to amp up the interest. Jack has a loving wife, named Madeleine (played by Georgina Haig).


The Narrator touches on the fact that Jack has spent some time with a mysterious group called The Grove. Not much is known of the secret society – except that they meet in secret. There are rumors that the high-powered members have connections to the Occult and there are dangerous things going on.


But other groups have formed, and these are more sinister. There is a cult of devil-worshippers have been found to hold bloody rituals.  After an FBI raid, the cult is all found dead except for one 10-year-old girl.


This girl is in the care of Dr. June Ross-Mitchell (played by Laura Gordon), who is a parapsychologist. Her patient is named Lilly (played by Ingrid Torelli). June agrees to appear with Lilly on Jack’s show. June has written about her time with Lilly, and she is convinced that Lilly has some demonic influences. Jack intends to put June and Lilly to the test, for the sake of the audience.


Madeleine had sadly passed away, and Jack almost quit the TV show. His producer, Leo (played by Josh Quong Tart), explains to Jack that this show could skyrocket Jack back into the top ranks. Jack has a goofy sidekick on the show named Gus McConnell (played by Rhys Auteri). Gus is willing to help Jack with anything, but he has reservations about the ‘June and Lilly’ segment. Something does not seem right to him.


Don’t touch that dial, we’ll be right back…


The Halloween show must go on, Jack says. So the guests are introduced. First up, it is a psychic named Christou (played by Fayssal Bazzi). He talks with the audience members, trying to make a spiritual connection to the beyond. He is able to connect with a woman and her daughter. They have lost a family member, and Christou comforts them by telling him the deceased is talking to him. They are relieved.


But the next guest is a ‘reformed conjurer’, a hypnotist and slight-of-hand expert named Carmichael Haig (played by Ian Bliss). He is now a famous skeptic and debunker of phony magic. Carmichael does not believe anything about Christou and his ‘powers’. But Christou has bigger problems. The psychic senses that something terrible is about to happen, and he falls deathly ill. Christou is taken off the stage and rushed to the hospital.


The big event of the night is now up. Dr. June Ross-Mitchell comes out on stage with Lilly. The girl is very sweet and innocent, but there is something horrific hiding just below the surface. June and Lilly are brought center stage. There are two chairs for them. But the chair for Lilly has leather strap arm restraints. Gus is shocked to see this and he sees his reservations about the show were justified.


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Gus is frightened, and Carmichael is still skeptical. Leo sees the phones are lighting up and this show is becoming a major draw. Jack Delroy is ready for the show to be brought up to the next level. The session with June and Lilly starts out slowly.


But soon Lilly changes into something more evil and sinister. She talks in a deep growly voice, and the demon inside is pleased to see Jack — again. Jack is surprised at what she is saying. He has never met this crazy little girl – or any demon…


The lights flicker and go out, then come back on. Lilly’s chair begins to levitate. There is confusion and chaos in the crew and in the audience. But it comes to halt, when June commands the demon to stop. Carmichael thinks that is all just illusions and mass hypnosis.


Dr. June is not pleased that Carmichael thinks she is a fraud. Lilly is confused and does not know what happened. Carmichael says he can do one better. He wants to take Gus and hypnotize him to show that his suggestions can control the sidekick.


The show goes on with Gus and Carmichael on center stage. It seems very horrific. But Carmichael claims it was all a mass hypnosis event. He intends on proving his point. But when they attempt to do the same thing by re-watching the segment with June and Lilly, there are things that cannot be explained. What has happened in this little sound stage, in front of a live audience? The Devil only knows…


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“Late Night with the Devil” is very captivating movie about a ‘real live’ TV show event. The two people in charge of the creation of this gem, Colin & Cameron Cairnes, have taken it to very high level. They did the screenplay and the directing – and even then did all the editing. It is perfect reflection of the time period.


David Dastmalchian playing the lead role as Jack is superb. He captures the man with big aspirations who might have made a deal without knowing all the consequences.  All the others in the cast do wonderful jobs in the roles. Another standout is Ingrid Torelli (as Lilly) and Rhys Auteri as Gus. Also great performance can be found by Ian Bliss, as the puffed-up little know-it-all who might not know it all…


“Late Night with the Devil” is scary way to look back at a ‘real live’ TV event from back in 1977. If someone asks you why you watched it – tell them “The Devil made me do it”!



Will be released in these (Phoenix area) theaters on March 22


Avondale - Gateway Pavillions 18
Casa Grande - Casa Grande 14
Chandler - Harkins Chandler Fashion Center 20
Flagstaff - Flagstaff 16
Gilbert - SanTan Village 16
Gilbert - Regal Gilbert Stadium
Glendale – AMC Arrowhead 14
Glendale – AMC Westgate 20
Goodyear - Estrella Falls
Lake Havasu – Star Cinema
Mesa – AMC Superstition East 12
Peoria – Arrowhead Fountains 18
Phoenix - AMC Ahwatukee 24
Phoenix - AMC Deer Valley 30
Phoenix - AMC Desert Ridge 18
Phoenix - AMC Esplanade 14
Phoenix – Christown 14
Prescott Valley – Prescott Valley Luxury 14
Tempe – AMC Centerpoint 11 Theatre
Tempe – Arizona Mills 25
Tempe - Tempe Marketplace 16


Available on Shudder April 19


Late Night with the Devil

Written and Directed by: Colin & Cameron Cairnes
Starring: David Dastmalchian, Laura Gordon, Ian Bliss, Fayssal Bazzi, Rhys Auteri, Ingrid Torelli
Cinematography: Matthew Temple
Edited by: Colin & Cameron Cairnes
Music by: Glenn Richards
Distributed by: Umbrella Entertainment, Maslow Entertainment
Release date: March 22, 2024
Length: 93 minutes
MPAA rating: R for violent content, some gore, and language including a sexual reference
Genre: Horror


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