Dicks: The Musical Movie Review

There are moments in this film that had me laughing like mad. It is an oddball story, so, as I said, there were MOMENTS, as in a few, that gave me a chuckle. However, too many occasions made me cringe and think, “What in the h*ll am I watching??”

I loved “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The performances were powerful and the characters, script, and songs were exceptionally well-suited for what it was attempting to give us. If you like Rocky Horror, this might be alright for you. Like Rocky, it’s unusual, but honestly, the two can’t be compared. I’m merely suggesting that if that’s your style, the film won’t shock or distress you. Oh! Everything about Bowen Yang’s God goes over very well and will titillate if one decides to give this a go.


“Dicks: The Musical” has twenty-five tracks, with songs such as Megan Thee Stallion’s song “Out Alpha the Alpha.” She wants men to know that life is going to change. Women want to take charge.


“Gay Old Life,” performed by Nathan Lane, who plays Harris, reminds us of how talented he is. If you want to see it, he’s one of the main reasons to jump in, except for one other performer, Megan Mullaly. She’s Evelyn. She sings “Evelyn’s Song” and a few other tunes fantastically. She has a great voice, especially for someone expected to sing with a lisp.


A few songs are meaningful and express how much we all should accept people for who they are, not who they love. But even that message doesn’t make it effective, especially when rising from such bizarre and uncomfortable moments. I suggest you do not see this with your mother. The filmmakers do everything they can to push the limits. That will work for some… but not for all.

There are so many instances that leave you examining the peculiar situations in which the characters are living. Not long as the story moves on, you get more involved in the lives of the two main characters. They’re named Trevor (Aaron Jackson) and Craig (Josh Sharp). You might consider staying, or not because, based on some of the things involving their storyline alone… and no. I am not a prude. Some scenes are so ridiculous you can’t believe you’re watching director Larry Charles turn schoolyard jokes into reality. They sang a lot of their dialogue. Knowing this was coming, I was disappointed their singing voices weren’t as good as I expected.


Craig and Trevor, who have worked together for several years, discover that they’re not only brothers but twins and decide to find their parents, who turn out to be Harris and Evelyn. After the boys were born, each parent drew a straw and that’s the boy they took home with them. Harris seems to have replaced his children with what he calls the “Sewer Boys.” These things, he discovered in the sewer, are rather imbecilic and unnecessary.


Don’t even get me started on Evelyn’s vagina… the one that fell off and flies at the screen a few times. Yeah. Real funny.

Anyway, this part in particular was absurd and not at all amusing. “Dicks: The Musical” was limp and very disappointing. Directed by Larry Charles, I thought, “This has to be worth seeing! Can’t wait!”

I was wrong.


Dicks: The Musical


Directed by: Larry Charles
Writers: Aaron Jackson, Josh Sharp
Starring: Megan Mullally, Megan Thee Stallion, Bowen Yang, Nathan Lane, Aaron Jackson, Josh Sharp


Rated: R (Strong Crude Sexual Content|Brief Drug Use|Pervasive Language|Graphic Nudity)
Run Time: 1h 26m
Genres: Musical, Comedy


Music by Karl Saint Lucy
Original Score by Marius de Vries, Karl Saint Lucy

Produced by: Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, Kori Adelson, Larry Charles
Executive Music Producer
 Marius de Vries


Production Co: Chernin Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox

  • Distributor: A24



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