The End of Blindness Movie Review

Digital Release (Video On Demand) November 16, 2021


“The End of Blindness” is a documentary about Dr. Samuel Bora who is an ophthalmologist living in Ethiopia. In fact, he is the only one in the country’s capital (Addis Ababa) of around 3 million people. When these people in the impoverished country develop eye problems, like cataracts or an eye injury, he is the only one they can turn to. With his unwavering help, he has become a sight-restoring angel to the poor.


When a non-profit organization, named Tropical Health Alliance Foundation (THAF), found out about Dr. Samuel Bora, they decided to sponsor his work. They helped him to finance his clinic in the capital. They gave him support to get together a staff and a fully mobile clinic. Dr Bora goes out to far-flung areas in the country. These areas are hard hit by poverty and illness. Many of the people have developed eye problems.


With the support of the international group, Dr. Bora is able to get out and treat thousands of people with cataracts and other eye injuries. He can perform up to 60 cataract surgeries in a single day. He has everything that needs to take out a cloudy lens in a patient’s eye. He can replace it with an artificial lens that is created for that person. The patient can usually see perfectly out of that eye the very next day.


The documentary shows that many of the individuals that needed Dr. Samuel Bora’s help. It could be an older woman who has lost her eyesight. She is dependant on her husband, who does not make enough money for the both of them. After the surgery, she has her temporary eye patch removed and she can see again. The woman and her husband are incredibly thankful and happy. This woman now can find a job and earn money to help support bother her and husband.


When Dr. Bora goes out on a cataract road trip, he helps a younger woman who had gone blind one year earlier. She has a four month old infant. She has never been able to see her new baby’s face. Dr. Bora gets to work, and the next day — this woman can see again. She can look at her wonderful little child. All because of the good work done by Dr. Samuel Bora.


This work is done with the financial support of the THAF non-profit medical assistance group. But it only comes together due to the dedication and skilled knowledge of this one man. Dr. Samuel Bora has become a living legend to the poor and sightless people in Ethiopia.


His work in Addis Ababa, and then taken out into the rural areas in the country, have helped countless people. It is only with his determination to give back, and his willingness to do a lot of hard work, that give many people a second chance for life.


“The End of Blindness” shows that even in the poorest of countries in Africa, there are people who are intent on blessing many poor outcast individuals with the richness of good eyesight. That in itself is quite a sight to see!


Digital Release (Video On Demand) November 16, 2021

The End of Blindness

Written and Directed by: A.J Martinson
Starring: Adam Berh (Narrator), Samuel Bora
Edited by: A.J Martinson
Music by: Corey Wallace
Production: Section 3 Films, Passion River Films
Release date: November 16, 2021
Length: 54 minutes
Genre: Documentary


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