Everybody’s Talking About Jamie Advance Movie Screening

Movie Screening Summary


Inspired by true events, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is the film adaptation of the award-winning hit musical from London’s West End, about Jamie New (newcomer Max Harwood), a teenager in a blue-collar English town with a dream of life on stage. Read more

Annette Movie Review

“Annette” is perhaps the first ‘art-house/art-pop operatic musical’ type movie. But this might be the final one ever made, too. The idea to make this unusual style of film was a creative leap of faith. However, this leap might be going into the ‘abyss’. The story is portrayed as combination of normal dialog along with singing vocal dialog. Much like in the tradition of many operas, it tells a story of a tragic cycle of fame and failure. The talent to make this movie is quite abundant. The results are sparse. Read more