Song to Song Movie Review

In Wikipedia, this movie is described as an “experimental romantic drama film”. Well… that makes it different. Exactly what is “experimental” about it?

Well, there are lots of nice shots that are visually pleasing, many at sunset with the light fading just right… There are actors in the movie, and they sometimes speak words. But when they do, it is usually in a voice-over when the image on the screen is the actor in close-up looking ponderous or pensive out to the horizon… 

There are people portrayed (sort of) in the movie. Cook (Michael Fassbender) is some type of rich music industry big-wig, I think. BV (Ryan Gosling) is an up-and-coming artist who works with Cook to create his music, but then feels cheated by him and goes independent. I guess.

Faye (Rooney Mara) is a woman who works at Cook’s company as a receptionist, but is also an artist, but she never makes any albums. She was Cook’s girlfriend, but he gave up on her and now she is BV’s girlfriend. Perhaps? Rhoda (Natalie Portman) is a teacher who works now as a waitress but is swept off her feet by the rich and powerful Cook. Maybe? Will any of this ever come together?

But there is no movement, no plot, no development… The scenes are arranged in no particular order, and there is no continuity. Damn, it sure is pretty to look at. The way each scene is framed and shot shows that more thought was given to the camera work and the visual images than to the actual movie.

It seems to have something to do with the music industry. Wait, look – there’s punk icon Patti Smith and Iggy Pop. And there are some cameo roles. Was that Holly Hunter? Hold on, that looks like Cate Blanchett. No way, was that Val Kilmer???

Experimental movies are OK, if you are going to show them to bored college students on a Friday afternoon. Taking some fantastic acting talent and putting out a weird nonsensical junk-fest like this is a crying shame.