NEW CLIP and short featurette from Cory Finley’s Landscape with Invisible Hand

Award-winning contemporary artist William Downs discusses how his art helped to shape the tone ofLandscape with Invisible Hand” in a new featurette, also featuring commentary from Cory Finley.


Written for the Screen and Directed by: Cory Finley
Starring: Asante Blackk, Kylie Rogers, Josh Hamilton, Michael Gandolfini and Tiffany Haddish

*Based on the Book by: M.T. Anderson

Produced by: Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner

Executive Producers: Brad Pitt, Gabby Shepard, David Kern, M.T. Anderson, Megan Ellison, Tiffany Haddish

Genre: Sci-Fi Drama
Run Time: 1h 45m
Rated: R for language and brief violent content



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Years into a benevolent alien occupation of Earth, the human race is still adjusting to the new world order and its quirky coffee table-sized overlords called the Vuvv. Their flashy advanced technology initially held promise for global prosperity but rendered most human jobs – and steady income – obsolete. When 17-year-old artist Adam Campbell (Asante Blackk) and new girlfriend Chloe Marsh (Kylie Rogers) discover the Vuvv are particularly fascinated with human love and will pay for access to it, they decide to live stream their budding romance to make extra cash for themselves and their families. Life is good for a while until the flame of their teenage love fizzles out and they’re forced to make very different, absurdly life-altering sacrifices for their families.


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