Blast from the Past (August 2018)

Yeah, the Box Office is rockin’ today with a whole lot of movies. But there are some from prior years that you may (or may not) remember. These older movies came out 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago, maybe even longer back. Some were instant classics, while others were not. So let’s jump into the DeLorean and travel backwards in time to revisit a few of these forgotten gems…

August 2013 (5 years ago) — Elysium – Jason Bourne in Spaaaaace!

Matt Damon stars in this futuristic sci-fi drama about the future divide between the haves and have-nots. All the rich one per-centers get to travel to Elysium, an orbiting spaceship that has the latest in medical technology. Oh, and also Jodie Foster runs the place with an accent that is (literally) out of this world…

August 2008 (10 years ago) — Tropic Thunder – Even the Tom Cruise cameo knew the #MeToo

Ben Stiller took his experience from working in “Empire of the Sun” and figured out that a boot camp for actors playing soldiers could create some comedy landmines. Yup, and those suckers went off everywhere, with the fun work of Stiller, Danny McBride and Robert Downey Jr. (“Never go full Retard!). But the cameo of Tom Cruise playing a parody version of Harvey Weinstein, it’s a NSFW avalanche…

August 2003 (15 years ago) — Freaky Friday – Do the body swap, but ‘Make Good Choices’

Lindsey Lohan was burning up the screens at this time, and before the flame blew out, she was able to pair up with Jamie Lee Curtis. This movie, a remake of an earlier Disney version, is updated (to a point) and made a fun impression on the audience. Not a gem like “Mean Girls”, but much better than later Lohan disasters.

August 1998 (20 years ago) — The Avengers – This one had nothing to do with Marvel…

Yeah, the Marvel Extended Universe was only being born ten year ago, so this comes from a different source. The old British TV spy series called “The Avengers . This movie snooze-fest version had Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman. John Steed and Emma Peel are no match for the villain, played by Sean Connery. Connery had only a few more movies in him, before he retired. Perhaps he did not retire early enough!

August 1993 (25 years ago) — The Fugitive – Han Solo on the run from the law!

Harrison Ford was a major Box Office draw, and his fans flocked to see him do an update of the Dr. Richard Kimble character, from the original TV series. Also, with co-star   Tommy Lee Jones, Ford went on the run to find the real killer of his wife. Do yourself a favor. Make a ‘hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse’ to find this movie and watch it.

August 1988 (30 years ago) — Young Guns – Westerns never die, as long as actor’s kids come along

Martin Sheen and Donald Sutherland too old to be acting in a Western? No problem! Just get their sons, Kiefer Sutherland, Emilio Estavez and Charlie Sheen can all substitute. The Billy the Kid tale also has some other fine actors, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dermot Mulroney, Terence Stamp and Jack Palance. Are their dads famous actors?

tmc contributor: JMcNaughton
I think movies need to be shared and enjoyed by as many people as possible! Going to a movie theater is a group experience, even if you go in there alone. When the lights go dark and movie begins, you can participate in a special kind of magic. You can be entertained, or enlightened. But you are never bored. Or at least, let's hope not. Try reading the reviews first.. maybe that will help!

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