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This romantic comedy is a tale of two people who believe in love, but seem to never be able to find its true meaning.  In a wild twist of events, fate puts each in the other’s path on a stormy New Year’s Eve, as comedy and chaos ensue.

The film was directed by Marius Vaysberg, and is based on the play “Happy Steam-Bathing!  Once On A New Year’s Eve.”  Apparently, this is an American remake of the Russian movie from 1975 called “The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath” which is considered to be a holiday classic there.  Quite a few negative comments from that Russian cast have been made about this remake.  Another remake was made in 2015 called I Love NY.



  • I like Emma Roberts and want her to do well in her career.  Her famous aunt, Julia Roberts, must be proud.
  • The true standout of the cast, for me, is Thomas Mann.  I’d like to see more of him.  He’s charming and humble and perfectly awkward.  I thought he and Emma Roberts had good chemistry.
  • Other cast members include Britt Robertson, Lewis Tan, Cheryl Hines, Madelaine Petsch, and Wendie Malick.
  • I loved the orange candle trick during the wedding scene.
  • That carnation pink coat is pretty cute and meaningful in the story.  I love it when details overlap in stories.
  • The last scene was super sweet.
  • The story is very cliched, but if you don’t mind, you’ll enjoy the goofy romance.



  • I really like the actress Britt Robertson, who has played the leading lady in quite a few rom-coms of her own.  Unfortunately, the character she plays in this movie is so self-absorbed and demanding that she is unlikeable.
  • Some of the dialogue is pretty lame.
  • All of the women in the movie are “EXTRA” and a bit psycho.  The men are mostly clueless and incapable of handling their wacky women.  None of the characters seem realistic at all.
  • Much of the humor doesn’t land.  Nothing made me laugh out loud.
  • The setup of the leading man accidentally ending up in the leading woman’s bed because he thought it was his apartment is completely ridiculous.  How did he get in?  Didn’t he recognize all of the different furniture?
  • There are so many rom-com tropes from other/better movies, making the movie entirely predictable.
  • The background music is super sentimental, telling you exactly how to feel at every moment.



  • Lots of alcohol and drunk people
  • A woman is high
  • Some kissing
  • “Mild” profanity
  • A fight scene between men



  • Fate
  • Romance & true love
  • Forgiveness
  • Breakups
  • Wedding
  • Being flexible
  • Hope

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