Stuber Movie Review

‘Stuber’ is ridiculous… in a good way. In the newest buddy cop movie to come out for our viewing pleasure, director Michael Dowse teams Dave Bautista and Kumail Najiani together to create an unusual pairing that, in my opinion, works both visually and auditorially. Is that a word? Anway, anyone who doesn’t agree wasn’t watching the same movie that I was watching. Read more

Marianne and Leonard: Words of Love Movie Review

I’ll jump right in with letting you know that I thought I was going to write a review that spoke more or less of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen’s talent. However, as the words went from fingertips to keyboard, I found that they weren’t so friendly toward the artist. Let me say that outside of the film being slow at times, you’ll be enthralled with this documentary but won’t be so crazy about its subject by films end. This should be titled, ‘Anything but Words of Love.’ Read more

Midsommar Movie Review

Another A24 must-see is ‘Midsommar.’ The film was intense, bizarre and uniquely disturbing. An easier way to say it is that the movie was off the charts freaky and stays with you for long after you’ve seen it. The story follows a group of young anthropology students to Sweden on break from school headed straight for, quite frankly, their night or rather, their daymares. That comment will make more sense to you after you’ve seen the film.

Read more

Late Night Movie Review

Late Night Movie Review

The highly energized, clever and witty film ‘Late Night,’ tells the story of the first and only female late-night talk show host named Katherine Newbury (Thompson). The script by, Mindy Kaling, is sharp and spirited. From the trailer, you could think this is just another office comedy, but I assure you it’s much more. Read more